Tuesday, June 22, 2010

our little buddies

Spent some quality time with these kidos a week ago.
they are pretty cute and pretty fun.
painted our nails *well the girls did*
paid him to clean up doggie poo! ha... $5 isn't bad.
played the wii
played with dolls
had a few melt downs
made yummy treats
swam in the bath tub because the rain wouldn't stop
bought new sandals
curled our hair
bought that little boy a birthday present
he turned the big #7
ahh i cant believe it!
love these 2 oh so very much.


Chels said...


Your so awesome. You always have such fun and great ideas to do with the kids. Thanks sweetie. Hope your doing well.

Love, Chels

Alerie said...

You guys are such a fun aunt and uncle!! I am sure they love you guys!!


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