Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kenzie Day #6

Kenzie Day #6 = Underwater Party!
June 13 2010
so this months Kenzie Day didn't start off so smooth.
we were suppose to go swimming but the weather was cold and raining. so we found an indoor swimming place but found out the day of that they were closed due to weather?!
so last minute change of plans became a water themed party at our club house.
we blew up blue balloons, watched finding nemo on beach towels, had a fishing pond, beach balls, lays, mermaid floats and a bbq.
although it didn't run as smooth as i would have liked at the beginning we still had a great time.
my sweet aunt, cousins and gma surprised me and came!
after all the underwater fun we sent off our balloon presents to Kenzie so she could join in on the fun.
on this day- the clouds parted, the wind stopped and for a few moments everything was peace so those balloons could float up nicely to makenzie and she could catch every last one of those balloons. 
every time i let balloons go i always think about her catching them but this time,
i just stood there a little longer, watched them float away and talked to her.
i told her how much i miss her and how i wish she could have been here.
i told her that I'm so happy she is mine and that i will send her balloons for the rest of my life.
6 Kenzie Days down. A million more to go.
Missing you everyday Kenzie.
Everyone is!


Emma said...

Beautiful! I am so glad the day turned out well. It is hard when they don't start out well but with your focus on Kenzie and knowing you are doing it to celebrate her, anything will be perfect! :-) Love Em

Marcia said...

Sounds like a great party! Clearfield has their aquatic center where we swim all year. Not that it helps now though. I wanted to go to your volunteer party but I couldn't make it down there that day. Still working on stuff for your carnival thing. I got sidetracked for a minute with end of the year teacher gifts, but back on it now. :) Thanks for giving me a reason to crochet.

Alerie said...

Even though it wasn't what you planned it still looked like it went well and was very fun!! I am sure Makenzie loved every minute of it and caught every single one of those balloons. How fun that your aunt, cousins and grandma came. I bet that was a nice surprise. I am so glad that you and Ryan have such amazing family and friends surrounding you. You and Ryan are amazing parents!!


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