Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dancing Queen

This is my adorable niece.
She has one of the best personality's ever. She is 5 going on 30
(seriously, she is smarter than me)
we are great friends.
we have many of the same interests:
barbies, lady gaga, skirts, pink, sushi, shopping.
we are like 2 peas in a pod.
i love the frosting - she loves the cake

This girl had her end of season dance recital.
It didn't disappoint.  She did amaZing!
Seriously look at how cute she is.
She wasn't shy, or nervous, or scared
She jumped on that stage, did better than anyone else and shook her little butt for 2 hip hop songs!
I had a great time watching her perform.

I love you to pieces Ms. O!

1 comment :

Alerie said...

She is too cute!! I remember my dance recitals as a little girl. So much fun!!

p.s. - i love love love lady gaga. you may or may not be able to catch me dancing around my house and singing her songs!! ha ha


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