Friday, October 16, 2009

piece of my mind.

I made it!
First week down... I think towards the end we have been doing much better. Makenzie is no longer mad at me and we are learning to soak up every minute we spend together. Mornings and night time you cant catch us apart. I hope everyday gets a little easier.
I have been hearing so many people share their opinion on being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and being a working mom. It really amazes me how opinionated and rude some people can be supporting either side. I just wanted to get a little something off my chest-
First- I think SAHM are amazing... Its definitely a JOB I hate when people say oh they are just a Mom. Staying at home is huge and I admire every women that does it. I really think your great.
what I wanted to really get off my chest is related to something a few of those opinionated people told me after they found out I had to go back to work, this is what I wished I said to them instead of standing there in shock because of their harsh words-
**snap my fingers as I moved my head back and forth saying:
OH no you didn't-
** Just because you feel strongly one way or another on this topic- you need to realize everyone is different and whats right for you doesn't mean its right for someone else. Some people have to work and you should just shut your pie hole if you think that's an excuse to not be with your child. Sure I could live in a smaller house and drive and older car or I could sell my house and car all together and live on the streets. How would that be for my child?
Working to support your family or because you want your own career is NOT an excuse.
I am doing the best I can for my family and for my daughter. Just because I'm not with her every second of the day doesn't mean I give her any less attention and love than someone who is with her all day because when I am with her- its quality time. Its all about Makenzie. I don't have any distractions- I make it all about her.
Okay thanks for listening all.
Man seriously some people can really push my buttons. I have realized how defensive you can get when it comes to your children.

So its the weekend and I couldn't be happier. I have big plans that include but are not limited to..
*Kissing Makenzie
*Laying on the floor for tummy time with Makenzie
*Making faces with Makenzie
*Making all those dumb sounds you do when your trying to make your child smile
*Running in a 5k with my fam. for ALS
*Letting kenz hang out with her boyfriend
*Missing my ry who is hunting (what else)
*Holding Makenzie
*Hugging Makenzie
*Tickling Makenzie
*Loving every inch of my perfect daughter
This is going to be the best weekend ever!


Tara Bennett said...

Girl, I totally get what you're talking about! I've been both (working mom & SAHM). When I was working, 'those people' seemed to tell me why I should stay home. Then when I decided to stay home,'those people' seemed shocked that I wasn't working. I think 'those people' are just negative, too highly opinionated, and self-absorbed.

Working has its pluses, staying home has its pluses, and both have their negatives. You know what's best. The only thing right is to love your child and do what's best for them, and that is of course what you're doing. So hold your head high!!!

Robin said...

I think that you are an amazing mom, and even more an amazing wife. It took a lot for you to be able to go back to work after you have been off for such a long time. And the fact that you are willing to help ryan out with supporting your family is very admirable! You are the best mom and no matter what anyone says me and you both know the truth! by the way I wanted to tell you i am not working on fridays so if you need help with a baby sitter or something let me know.

Esther said...

Sorry about the rude comments you've heard. I think you are such a cute mom, and I love to read about how much you love your little miracle!

derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

You are an AMAZING mother!!!!!!!!!

When you and Miss Makenzie stare at each other, you can just see and feel your love for each other! I am just in 'aww' when I see you two together.

Thank you for an awesome day today, I love hanging out with you girls!!


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