Tuesday, October 13, 2009

blue day

back to work...
i miss my baby all day...
doesnt help everyone asks about her all day long which leads to me thinking about her more...
im amazed how my life has changed since the last time i walked out those
office doors --- 12 weeks later - now.
everything from my happiness to my hopes and dreams have completely changed.
my little muffin is growing everyday and my heart breaks when i think about missing it.
she was mad at me when i got home from work. she never cracked a smile once.
i hope someday she knows im working for her. im trying to give her a great life and give her opportunities and options. she is my world now- its all for her + ryan. they are why i breathe.
i have to go love on my baby now-

1 comment :

Tara Bennett said...

It goes by so fast! Good luck =)


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