Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gma Diane's Halloween Party

my mom is so fun with all her grand kids. she loves to plan fun activities to get us all together.
i was so excited when makenzie got to go to her first grandma Diane Halloween party.
she does the funnest things like games, food that is suppose to look and feel like something else (ex. brain = ramen noddles, bones = hot dogs, pickles = witches nose)
the kids all have so much fun every year. esp because she gives out yummy bags of candy!

From left to right:
Teagan = cat
Kailum = Didn't dress up but he will be a dead rocker
Kian = Vampire
Tyler = Football player
Lucy = Utah Cheerleader
Ellie = Utah Cheerleader
Kenzie = Punk Rocker
Amalie = Fairy
Aidan = Ghost
Hannah = Princess
Anna = BYU Cheerleader
Olivia = Devil
Devlin = Didn't dress up but he is going to be crazy joker

After all our games and food the kids started playing around and doing tricks on the floor. Miss Olivia can do splits in every way (both sides and in the middle) and she can touch her toes to the back of her head. All the other kids tried and tried to do it but NOPE... No one else is that flexible.

We had so much fun. Everyone is so cute together and gets along soooo well! I cant wait until Makenzie can run around and play all the games with them.

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Tara Bennett said...

Hey girl! Sorry we missed the partay Friday, I heard it was a blast! I'm hoping you have some pictures of Oby. I only saw the shorts he wear in the garbage can. I didn't know he had dressed up. I've gotta see it!


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