Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mommy life

My days used to consist of,
-waking up at 6:30 ish
- taking 45 min. to get ready and get out the door
- work 9 - 10 hr days then going to school.
- come home and clean a bit, watch tv most the night, cook dinner, run.
- go to bed around 9 ish (yes i was an old lady but only on week days)
- if it was the weekend, i would usually enjoy some kind of beverage to de-stress from the week and go to bed around 11 - midnight.
My days now consist of,
- waking up at 5 to get everything ready before my little miss wakes up
- getting makenzie up at 6 and feeding her, dressing her and kissing her
- do a little happy dance for our daily exercise
- run around the house getting everything in order before we leave at 7
- drop kenz at the daycare
- drive to work feeling very sad and wishing i could just go home and hold my baby all day
- work 9 ish hrs. only thinking about makenzie. watching the clock and feeling comfort when her feeding times come because I know what she is doing.
- speeding home
- holding my baby who usually is a bit fussy and who wont let me sit down all night
- talking walks when the screaming gets to loud (it calms her down best)
- singing, dancing, reading stories, laying on the floor, taking pictures while surrounded by
a very messy house
- feeding, bath and story time at 9
- snuggling my baby not wanting to go to bed
- finally give in, lay her in bed and drag myself to my own bed around 10:30 - 11
- lay awake for around 30 more minutes while I imagine makenzie's future, praying that God watches over her.
Am I completely crazy or what....
This little girl sure has changed her Mom and Dad.
Can you relate? Has your life completely changed since you had a child?


caitlin and brinton said...

Kendra - What a beautiful picture! Your life sounds crazy busy, I wish you didn't have to go back to work. I love your new Halloween background.

Let's find time in your busy schedule to do something soon!

p.s. your room behind you looks spotless, not messy!

Robin said...

Those pictures are cute!!

Tara Bennett said...

My life has changed COMPLETELY. In every possible way. I miss sleep the most, but the rest of the changes have been good.

You are such a good mommy Kendra!

ps we have a fam party the night of your party, but we're going to try to hit both. can i bring anything???

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

Kendra you are about the cutest mom possible, and such a great mommy! And I adore your pics of you and her how stinkin cute! I cant wait for you to post pics of her in her 1st Halloween costume lol!

Anonymous said...

I understand what you feel. I had that same life change 22 years ago when you were born. LIFE IS CRAZY AND NUTTY but WORTH IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!Yes you changed my life. It hasn't been the same since and I love you for it. ILY love mom

Anonymous said...

Cont. In fact I had that awesome life change 5 times. Each time a little CRAZIER and NUTTIER but awesome. Each unique and special. The addition of 5 steps was pretty neat too. Life just gets better each day. Love it, appreciate it. Love mom


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