Monday, October 19, 2009

3 months...

Makenzie Rye turned 3 months old!
In an attempt to take some 3 month pictures of her Ryan and I got this...

Apparently she took the song- "its my birthday and ill cry if i want to" a little to literal.
After Ryan and I googled and coo'd at her for what seemed like hours we finally bribed her with a pony if she only stopped crying once.

That was it! She then proceeded to do this...

Until I finally gave in and did this...

I have to say this has yet to get old. I don't mind one bit her screaming fits as long as I can comfort her in my arms! Is she not the cutest little muffin?!
Makenzie Rye at 3 months:
*Holds her head up very good most of the time.
*Sleeps 8-9 hrs. at night
*Still wears NB diapers and most NB clothes
*Starting to fit into a few 0-3 month clothes
*Holds Mommy and Daddy's fingers
*Smiles all the time
*Has laughed a few times at Mom
*Pulls the funniest faces esp when she is sad. She has the lip curl.
*Rolls half way over
*Slowly growing her peach fuzz back
*Loves taking walks
*Loves focusing on the TV
I could go on and on about my big 3 month old girl. She is just perfect and I couldn't imagine my life without her. I cant believe how happy I am because of her. She makes Ryan and I better.
I am so blessed to have my beautiful family. I couldn't ask for a single thing in this world other than to keep them happy and safe.


Chanse and Janell said...

Ha, those pics are so cute! Mom, quit takin' pics of me!!!
She's getting so big!

Robin said...

Kenzie, is so cute she is getting so big! I cannot wait until I get to see her again.


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