Thursday, October 8, 2009

the story

is this not the cutest little patient in the world.
it still breaks my heart to see this picture though :(
sooo the story-
makenzie has something called Tracheomalacia. she has had this since birth- it causes her to make alot of noise when she breaths. it sounds horrible but its actually pretty common and just about all babies grow out of it. when we went to makenzie's 2 month apt. her doc told us to just watch her breathing and if the noise gets louder we need to let her know. for about a week it just kept getting louder and louder- to the point we could hear her in the other room. i was planning on taking her to see her doc. this week but on friday i was playing with her on the ground when all the sudden her arms and legs went stiff and straight and her eyes got really big, she was gasping for air so i grabbed her in my arms. she caught her breath and started crying like she couldn't get any air in. it happened so fast i didn't really know what to do next. i worried i was just seeing things and it didn't really happen or it was a fluke thing. i called her doc. but wasn't able to talk to anyone so i left a msg. for someone to call me back. i thought i would just watch her close and if she did it again i would take her straight to the hospital. she was perfect the rest of the night we kept checking on her all night. the next day she was great all morning but about noon she did it again. it was the exact same thing that happened the day before- i quickly picked her up the second i saw it again and she caught her breath again. i called her doc. to see if we should bring her there or right to the hospital. the on call doc. said to take her up to primary children's. we got there about 1 pm. into a room...waited....waited........waited....
the nurse that first checked makenzie out said to let them know if she had her little spell again.
while we were waiting she did it again so we paged the doc. the nurse came in for a minute and said the doc would be right in.... well... we waited and waited.... 30 min. later...
the doc. came in.
the ear/nose/throat doc. put a little camera up makenzies nose and down her throat
(she hated that)
they couldn't figure out what was wrong so they wanted to keep her overnight for observations and to see if she had another spell what she would do if i didn't pick her up.
overnight she didn't have another spell and everything looked great all night long so the next day they checked her out and gave us instructions to watch her and come back if it happens again.
so far- we are lucky enough to not have any more spells. she is doing great and i just pray nothing happens in the future.
the night we stayed in the hospital i couldn't sleep- i held makenzie until about 1 am. i then put her in the crib and sat in the chair next to her bed holding her hands. i tired to rest but every time i started to doze off i would quickly jump up making sure makenzie was okay. in the 20 min. i finally fell asleep i had a nightmare someone came in and kidnapped her so from then on- i definitely couldn't get even a little rest. i just sat there and prayed all night. the whole day before i was so emotional. i couldn't believe how much of a mess i was sitting in the hospital wondering what could be wrong with my baby. i wish they could have figured out what was making makenzie have those spells but im also so grateful she doesn't have anything wrong with her.


Tara Bennett said...

Oh Kendra! I'm SO sorry! I'm so glad you took her into the hospital, but yes the waiting is just AWFUL. The waiting and worrying.

I'm so glad you took a pic, though. Chloe was in the hospital when she was 4 days old for a fever of unknown origin. Legally the hospital had to keep her for 2 days because she was so young and it just about killed me. They put an iv in and the only vein they could get to work was in her head -- yep, she had wires coming out of her head when she was 4 days old. She also had to have a spinal tap, and I am not exaggerating when I say that it almost killed me. Anyway, my point is that I didn't take a picture because it was so traumatic and I didn't want to remember how awful it was! But now looking back, i wish I had a pic of her so little in her big hospital bed. That pic of Kenzie is really so cute. What a sweet little patient.

Chloe has something called 'Dysphagia,' that seems like it's a lot like Kenzie's diagnosis. She's never had any spells like what you're describing though.

I know I should only give advice when it's asked for, but I just have to tell you one thing. If you ever have ANY concern with your sweet girl, especially when it has to do with her ability to breathe, don't EVER hesitate to take her to the ER or even call 911. Even the people in the ER have told me that -- a mom's peace of mind is worth a visit to the ER.

I am sending hugs and prayers to you and Kenzie and Ryan! This can be very stressful. I wish there were something I could do. I hope this just never happens again, but if it does, I hope they can figure it out and get it taken care of!

As much as I love the pic of Kenzie, I hope to never see a picture of her as a hospital patient ever again! {{hugs}}

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

Thats horrible. I bet you went threw a great deal. Im glad to her It was nothing serious. I hope she keeps doing ok! Best wishes!


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