Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkins -

we love pumpkins!
For family night this month we went to a pumpkin patch and a hay ride with Ryans family.
We got there just in time for the last hayride on the last day of the season!
WOW- it was our lucky day.
Although it was dark and cold we had a BLAST!

We pulled up to the pumpkin patch and the driver said- Its a free for all because its the last night. WHOOO HOOOO!
We took off running like a bunch of kids.
I had Makenzie strapped to my chest so it was hard to run in pitch black, in a pumpkin patch, tripping over giant pumpkins but I did it just for the effect.
Ryan grabbed one, then another than another. I would find them and stand next to them while he dropped them off at the waggon. We got a total of 6 pumpkins just for Ryan, Kenz and I. Everyone else got a ton as well.
We headed back to the cars for some cold pizza and bread sticks...
(we didn't get to eat before because we were literally running to buy our tickets before they closed)

**After we got to our warm home we decided to them get some cute pics of our little pumpkin by the big pumpkins!**

We couldn't leave Harley out so here she is with her pumpkin...


Linds said...

I love pumpkin patches. So lucky that you got free ones! Harley is such a sweetheart.

We're planning on coming down tomorrow, I can't wait! We don't have any costumes though. . . maybe we'll have to find something last minute :)

The Pachuilo Family said...

Your so lucky, and those pumpkins look great, usually by the end, it's just the crappy ones. But your little pumpkin was the cutest one by far.


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