Wednesday, October 28, 2009

random post about kenzie

This girl is so funny.
She likes to fart - then smile
She will only poop if I take off her diaper, she will stop if I hurry and put it back on then start pooping again once I take it back off.
She has only laughed for me when I blew my tongue at her and she only laughed for Dad when he whacked his shin on the ottoman and fell over in pain.
She is still a skinny little bean but she is stretching out at a very fast rate. Her pants are all carpi's.
She will scream and scream in her car seat but will stop when we get on the freeway.
She loves when I kiss her, She will smile and smile.
When she gets her feelings hurt she will stick out her lip so far I could dance on it.
She loves to talk. Ryan and I are worried she will one day never be quite.
Her eyes are starting to get some green in them.


Chanse and Janell said...

Awwww. SO cute Kendra!!!

Esther said...

That is funny that she only poops with her diaper off, and that made ma laugh that she thought Ryan bumping his shin was so funny :)
What a cutie! You'll have to get a picture of her when her feeling are hurt, I bet it's a darling little sad face.


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