Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Makenzie it was your first Halloween. You are still so ity bity so I couldn't find a costume that even fit you a little bit. I decided to make you one myself. That was even a bit hard because I'm not that creative. I decided you would be a punk rocker! Oh boy did you look cute. I took several pictures of you in your costume but they all deleted when uploaded them onto the computer. Ill put you back in it to take more pics but until then I just want you to know I did care about your first Halloween and I tried to make it a great one for you.

The day before Halloween we had our annual Halloween party. It turns out better and better every year. We had a full house full of our very best friends and family. You were the best part of the party for everyone. We couldn't get enough of you. Although you had a great time partying you were ready for bed by 9:00 pm.
On Halloween day Mom and Dad took you to your very first REAL game. They made it to the playoffs and it was their first game. THEY WON! We all cheered oh so loud but you slept right though it all. I brought a duffel bag full of blankets and snow suits thinking it would be chilly but it was pretty warm- perfect weather. We hurried home so you could see the trick or treaters. Every year we only get a very small hand full of kids and this year was no different. I only answered the door 3 times. You had fun looking at all the funny kids in funny costumes.
After you went to bed Mom and Dad watched 'The Orphan'. It was a pretty good Halloween movie.
We woke up Sunday morning to 3 sick people in the house. You, Mommy and Daddy all have a horrible cough, runny nose and slight fever. I'm super worried about you being so small and getting the piggy flu so I have taken extra precautions to wash hands every other second, have hand sanitizers through the house, sanitize your binky every time it comes out of your mouth and the worst part - not kissing your scrum-diddly-ump-shous face :(
I have had to resort to kissing every other inch of your body.
You are starting to feel better and so are your parents.
I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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