Friday, June 19, 2009

35 1/2 Weeks!

33 days or 4 1/2 Weeks or 1 Month
until we get to meet our beautiful baby GIRL.

There she is in there.
I can’t tell you how awesome the last 2 weeks have been feeling her. Its totally different than it was a month ago. I can feel her little foot or hand stick out. I can grab it and feel how tiny it is. She even tickles me. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like someone is doing that motion 'tickle tickle' like you do with little kids and move your fingers. (It’s hard to explain)
I have only known her to have the hicups once. She may have it more but I try to pay attention to what she is doing in there and only one time did I feel those little jerks for a long period of time.
I don’t think I have dropped at all yet. I still feel her bum way up in the right side of my ribs. Same place its been for the last 8 months. My doctor said she is head down right now and prob. won’t be moving the other way so HOORAY! Hope she stays that way and I can have a regular delivery- Hope she isn’t like me and decides to come out butt first :)
I went to the doctor on Wednesday (yes im now going every week) he checked me to see if she is planning on coming anytime soon- NOPE... There is NOTHING going on down there! Im okay with that for now. Ryan is going on a last minute guys trip next weekend so I was very nervous she could come while he is gone. Our Dr. said he would be TOTALLY shocked if she came in the next 2 weeks. Good thing he will still carry his cell phone AT ALL TIMES and will only be a few hours away so he can rush home if needed.


Chanse and Janell said...

You're getting SO close! I can't wait to see what she looks like:) And find out what her name is!

Robin said...

Your such a cute pregnant little woman!! I love it.... I cannot wait to meet her either so you better call me asap so that I can come down and harass you. I love ya bestie!


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