Monday, June 1, 2009

Our last little cabin get-a-way!

Another weekend getaway for the Websters!
Ryan and I are filling up our weekends before this little GIRL comes and this was the last weekend we could go down to the cabin as a family of 3...

There was limited working- esp my me :)

Ry did manage to complete this awesome bench!

We had such a blast just being alone and away together. Time is ticking and we wont have many more of these little experiances left. We really couldnt have had a better weekend together.
We tried to keep the fire going...

and with a little gas

it was roaring!

Harley loved her sticks and even found a few furry friends to play with...
We didn't get any pictures because by the time we saw who her new friend was- it was not a pretty sight. Harley's little friend was a chipmunk. (RIP)

Our last cabin picture with this belly and just the 2 of us!


caitlin and brinton said...

FUN!!! I'm so glad you guys got to get away- it looks so beautiful up there! Are you building a cabin??

Linds said...

You two are so adorable! I think that everyone should have a cabin that they can get away to. :) We went to ours this past weekend. So much fun!


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