Thursday, June 18, 2009

childbirth class

Last weekend we completed our childbirth class.
* We both learned a few things- I was more surprised by some things than Ryan was even though I have read the books already.
* I thought at one point, Hmm... Do I really want to do this? Is it to late to turn back?
* Got a little scared learning what is going to really be happening with my body
(Seriously- the stork doesn't drop her off at the end of 9 months?)
* Ryan only fell asleep once! hehe... (It was during one of the birthing videos)
* The only thing that really kept me from getting up and running out in tears a few times was Ryan grabbing my hand and knowing he will be there with me.
* The other thing that kept me from running out of there in tears was when we went by the nursery. Seeing those little babies made me realize I will be getting a little tiny, amazing present when this is all over and she is going to be totally worth it.

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FROGGITY! said...

you have got to be ready for her to arrive... i bet you are!


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