Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Weekend - Picture Update

Over Memorial weekend Ryan's Family always goes down to the Cabin to open it up for the Summer season. Last year we were snowed in most of the time and almost froze to death but this year for the most part was great weather!
Some of our highlights:
** Boys will be Boys. Shawn and Ryan found any opportunity they could to shot their bows. This is the "WT" tree stand :)

** We took a drive to this place with a cool cave.
No one dared to go down into it.

** Addi kept us entertained the whole time. This girl has such an adorable personality. This is her "HULK" impression!

Harley loved her- Maybe a little to much at times.

** Just like last year or anytime we go camping Harley found her fair share of sticks and rocks to chew on.

** There are a few dead trees very close to the cabin- to avoid anything falling and crushing the cabin the boys stay on top of cutting them down and chopping it into fire wood. Now cutting down trees are more of a sport for these boys. Trying to impress each other to cut it down the fastest and this year- they had a target to try and hit!
Your seeing that right- Its an old car! This thing has been broken down and left up there for years now. It serves as a great paint ball target (if you can see the back of it has been painted a lovely shade of pink)

As the trees were falling they were trying to smash the good ol' travel haul~
After 3 attempts and all 3 trees getting stuck by other trees....

They missed it by INCHES!

Ry hauling off the fire wood- (He is sitting like that to balance out the weight- I thought it looked a little funny)
** I think their favorite part had to be the guys trips out on their 4 wheelers.
boys only + woods + power machines = BLISS

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