Friday, June 19, 2009

BABY ROOM - The Beginning

For the last few months Ryan and I have been working so hard to make this little space comfortable and fun for our little Girl. When we moved in we realized throughout our whole house the previous owner’s didn’t know good color from bad and didn’t know how to paint. Our front room was bright green, our kitchen was bright purple and our bathroom on the main level (which we still haven’t been able to get around to repainting) is some weird purple/silver sponge paint job. Our bedroom (which we still have not been able to paint yet) is a strange blue color. The hall when we first moved in was polka dots- yes that has been painted. So has our kitchen and front room. We are slowing getting it all done! The baby’s room- which was an office to the previous owners is a gray blue. It doesn’t sound bad and these pictures don’t do justice to how ugly this color was. Not only that- They only half painted. There were giant patches where they just didn’t paint. They also had some kind of coke fight because there is coca cola splatter marks all over every wall- No matter how much we scrubbed we couldn’t get them off so we painted over them. After a few coats you couldn’t even tell they were there!

Here are the before pictures of her room. The ceiling was also an ugly off white almost yellow color. (MAN those people seriously need some color help)

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