Friday, June 19, 2009


I cant say enough how much I LOVEEE my job. Not only my job but the people I work with. I am an executive assistant to the best boss in the world + 2. They make work enjoyable, challenging and exciting every day. The other people I work with are equally amazing. They go out of their way to see how im doing and feeling all the time. They help me with anything I need and everyone has been so supportive about me going out for 12 weeks on maternity leave.
Well yesterday this awesome group of people surprised me with a BABY SHOWER! I had NO idea anything was even being planned. I walked into the room full of great friends who all showered me with love and support- along with great food and great gifts.
Some of the things I was spoiled with...

+ adorable clothes and tons of bath stuff

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Robin said...

I love baby stuff, you got some cute stuff, it was killing me to shop for you. I had a hard time limiting myself to the items that I got. It makes me want a baby1


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