Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

We had a great Fathers Day weekend!Although Baby GIRL is not here yet Ryan is still my baby Daddy so he got to celebrate this year for the first time too! I am so grateful for such an amazing husband and soon to be Daddy to our little GIRL. Ryan is always doing something new to surprise me and never ceases to amaze me everyday. This pregnancy and transition into soon to be parenthood is really not what either of us expected. He has been such a rock for me and always makes me feel better no matter what happens. I still have to pinch myself when I think about being the lucky one to have Ryan be the father to my children. It’s the dreams I have had my whole life come true x 1000!Harley and the Baby gave Ryan a tree stand for hunting!
Although he hasn’t been able to get out into the wood and really break it in he has been climbing trees in our neighborhood everyday.

Ryan and I went to see The Hangover on Saturday night. I have to say I was surprised by how much I really like this show. I still have a few scenes stuck in my head that just crack me up anytime I think about it.

On Sunday we took a trip to the ZOO. It was so much fun to see all the animals. Addi was big enough to get really excited about all the different things she saw so it made it that much better!

Ryan got a little tiered throughout the day and kept finding ways to rest a bit. First he would 'ride' down any and every hill. Then he attached the waggon to his belt loop to pull it up the hills.
We are both so grateful for the Dad in our life. Ryan’s Dad is just amazing. He always has so much love for everyone and is the best Grandpa in the world. I can’t wait for our baby to pay with him and for him to teach her all those little things I don’t want him to :) I couldn’t imagine not having Randy in my life. There are time when I haven’t seen him in a few days when I just miss him so much. I know Ryan feels the same. Good thing they work together so he gets to see him almost every day. They are best buds and forever will be.
Happy Fathers Day!

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Robin said...

I love the zoo, it looks like you had fun. How did you do climbing all those hills and walking around? The weather seemed to be pretty hot that day.


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