Monday, June 1, 2009

Going on 33 weeks!

Almost 33 weeks!
Wow the time is seriously going by fast.
The anxiety is still going crazy but its now- sooo excited and so ready to the next minute being so scared and sooo not ready :)
Guess that happens with being a first time Mom.
The belly is growing and so is Baby GIRL. She is moving A LOT. She has even tickled me. It was the weirdest/coolest feeling.
I am still not sleeping to great but I think I'm just getting prepared for the sleepless nights to come. My energy is hit and miss. Some days ill be ready to run a marathon and others I can barely walk to the kitchen.
Cooking has been my greatest weakness- I was fine to cook and even got my baking on for a few weeks but in the last week or so- I don't feel up to doing any of that. Good thing I have an awesome husband who actually likes to cook and does an awesome job at it!
Her name is pretty much final now but we are still not releasing it just in case.
We have a doctor apt tomorrow and it will be the last apt. before we start going every 2 weeks.
Her room is almost finished. Ryan has neglected to bring his drill home from work for a few weeks now and I just need to get her shelf hung up. He is starting on making her doll/book shelf this week. I cant wait for it all to be done!

Here is the belly at 32 weeks.

I'm so glad our pool has opened because I have been dieing to go swimming!

For those Moms out there or those who are pregnant can you relate to me when I say advice sometimes is really just UNWANTED? What I mean is those people who come to you with off the wall comments that almost make you well- punch them in the face? Okay that's a little pregnancy craziness coming through but man! I can only hear so many times how I HAVE to raise my baby a certain way and how I HAVE to do this or that a certain way. Now to all those reading this blog- I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to those who don't know anything about my life, family or lifestyle. Its funny how they know me just because I have a watermelon belly- these are those same people that come up and CARESS my belly. Not touch it but pretty much jump on top of me and mall my belly :)


Chanse and Janell said...

Kendra! You are the cutest pregnant lady! Love your hair and clothes:)
You are getting so close, how exciting! I bet you guys can't wait. More pics please- I want to see baby girls room!

FROGGITY! said...

you. are. so precious!!!

i didn't like advice from random strangers. seriously, who ARE those people who feel free to do that?!?! everyone i know hates it, who wants to know a stranger's opinion?

do your own thang, honey! :)

Tara Bennett said...

You are so adorable! I looked like a beached whale when I was 32 weeks pregnant. You look like a mermaid! NO FAIR! ;o)

Hey, so I have a very cute present to give for cute little girl! You just need to let me know when we can drop it by! Baby girl needs to know right away how much 'aunt tara' loves her! =)

I so cannot wait to find out her name!

Gaspegirl said...

You are such a beautiful lady... your pregnancy has you glowing! I have to admit that having been 33 weeks three times I NEVER looked that good! Take the time to enjoy those movements and silent moments... the time is quickly approaching!

I want to see more pics too!!

Make it a great day!!


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