Thursday, October 23, 2014

What did you do yesterday?

Sept. 26

What did you do yesterday? I was so busy. Rushing, stressed, getting through the day. Last night I found out a new friend of mine. One that I have never met but talked to. One that I feel connected to over something so personal. Lost her little girl. Who is being tested for SMARD. Who reminds me so much of my Kenzie. Last night I couldn't stop crying. Looking over my busy day. A day that I was rushing and losing patience. When someone was holding her precious little girl as she took her last breath. Her world has stopped. Mine kept going. But oh how I remember that day 5 years ago. Those days following. The year after and up until now. My heart is just broken for her. Last night was such a huge wake up call. A reminder that we are all carrying a huge weight. We all have something we are going through. and we need each other to make it through. Please stop and breathe more in your own life. See the good and stop complaining about the bad. It could be a lot worse. Do something kind for someone. Don't make it an occasional thing. Make it a constant in your life. And for the love of God hold your babies. Kiss them. Don't let life just fly by. You will never get this moment back. They will never be the same. and tomorrow is not promised to you or them. What you think will never happen to you- I am here to say it can. Sweet baby Kate. Thank you for being that reminder that I needed in my life. Thank you for touching my heart and making me stop. I pray you are flying free with angels. 
Hold your Dad, Mum and brother extra tight. They need you still.

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