Monday, October 6, 2014

Utah Trip... Part 2

Devlin and Teagan skipped school on Thursday to spend the day with us. We went downtown to the library to do some exploring and than headed to the Leonardo with Amy and Willow.
We had so much fun and the kids were able to do so many fun activities. Tracker and Willow together were such a funny little duo. They really do love each other so much. After the Leo we ran a few errands and headed to Amy's to hang out for a while. 
It was such a nice day we spent it outside watching the chickens and swinging in the hammocks. She has such a fun backyard.

*again my kid ends up naked?!*

Later we met up with my Mom and headed to the Utah State Fair. I always love the fair and this year was probably the best year yet. We normally don't spent much time or money on games and rides but this year we changed that. We all had so much fun and made sure everyone walked away with some prize, full tummies of greasy food and sugar and extremely tired feet from walking non stop.

The big yellow slide was of course a favorite. Tracker was not excited or happy as we walked up the slide and the entire way down he had a rather concerned face but once it was over he wanted to go again. So we did. Several times.

Friday we spent the morning having bagels and coffee with our friends Danielle and Jaxson.
We went on a walk and played at a playground. I sure with these boys could grow up together and see each other more. Their Dads have so much in common I know they would be best of friends.

One of the stores I miss more than any other store in Utah is Sheels. I swear its my Disneyland. and Ryan's too! We had to run by there to pick up my stuff for the 10k the next day and I might have wondered a little to long making a Christmas list for Ryan.

We spent the rest of the day at the zoo with our fam.
They just completed the African exhibit and it did not disappoint. It was so cool seeing the Giraffes and Lions up close. I love the zoo and so does Tracker. Its becoming a place we visit just about every time we are back in Utah. Grandma took everyone on a train ride which the kids loved. 
Grandma also got Track a little stuffed animal and he wore it the rest of the day day around his neck.

Becky took Tracker overnight. Which was my first time being away from him that long and over night. I was really anxious the days leading up to Friday but knew it would be good for him to be with her and have one 1x1 time. She ended up having Addi and Easton sleep over as well so it was a Grandkid party.
I went out to dinner with my Allie. We went to Cheesecake Factory which was amazing! We got to chat for a long time and it was really sad when we had to say goodbye.
I left dinner and met up with my amazing friend Kely. I hadn't seen her since her wedding in May so it was fun catching up and hearing all about married life. She is the sweetest girl ever. We stayed out late and than she helped me find my lost truck in a parking garage. I felt so silly but it ended up being such a funny story.

While Grandma had the kids she took some adorable pictures of them.

Saturday morning Jill, Brooke and I headed up to Solider Hollow for the Mud Run. We were planning on just doing a 5k but decided last minute to go ahead and do the 10k. We had so much fun. How can you not?! Seriously slipping, falling and jumping in mud. Nearly dieing the entire way. Its so funny. Its exhausting and doing it with my sisters was the best!

After the mud run we headed home and got there right about he same time the boys came back from the cabin. Tracker was so happy to see his Daddy. He ran to him and wouldn't let go for a while. 
We all got cleaned up and headed back out to run a few errands, visit Grandma Phillis again and start loading up our truck before Eastons birthday party that evening.
Easton turned 3! He is almost exactly a year older than Tracker. These boys will definitely grow up in the same mold. They know the priorities in life :)

Jilly and my Mom stopped by to say goodbye one last time. We sure hate goodbyes.

We left Sunday morning. We stopped at Lisa's for a little visit where they loaded us up with the most amazing veggies from their garden. I was sad the entire drive home not wanting to leave everyone. We had the best week and I just wanted it to continue. We never get to see everyone and do everything we want. The time flew by and we leave just as fast as we came. Its nice to get back to reality sometimes but this was not one of those times for me. We had such a busy week were I don't think Tracker and I slowed down much at all- we made the best memories.
We can't wait to go back... 3 months and counting...

The drive home was all during the day so it was a little harder with Tracker but in true Tracker fashion he did great. We had to stop a few extra times but honestly I think we stopped 4 times total the entire drive home. and that was including my sisters house and getting gas so he only needed 1 extra stop than we had planned. Good thing Harley was there to keep him somewhat entertained.

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Paige said...

You are such an amazing mother to your kids. I was looking back on some older posts about Makenzie (which I have read IDK how many times), and when Tracker was a baby he looked a lot like her :-) I know she is so proud of y'all.


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