Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tracker Kent 25 months

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Yogurt, Scrambled eggs.
Favorite Book: COWS (Still). Favorite Toy: Little People Talking Zoo, Woody and Buzz everything, Balls.
Injuries: Dropped something on his toe and its now black but we still have no idea what exactly happened. Fell onto a basket and got what looks like a hickey on his neck. 
Height: 36" Weight: 32 lbs

This and That...
. Loves to jump and will do everything in his power to jump off everything.
. Has a girlfriend named Paisley and he adores everything about that girl.
. When we go to the store he has to hand the cashier the money.
. The top 2 molars on top have come through.
. Puts everything he can around his neck like a necklace.
. Is afraid of anything that might be scary so Halloween decor in the stores this year has not been fun. Anything that comes on the TV or is in a picture book that is slightly Halloween related he covers his eyes and says "Scarrrry".
. When he talks normal his voice is kind of high pitched like a mouse, when he says no he says it very firm and clear, when he says yes he pushes his lips together and says it in the lowest, monotone "Yesshhh" sound he can make. and its like this all the time. and he knows the difference between yes and no so we ask about everything because if he says no he means no.
. When he is talking to other kids and is asking them a question he says "No Yes" at the end meaning... "Yes or No" like I say to him.
.Peed in the potty oct 2. 
.Got burned for the first time. He was helping me cook (like he does on a daily basis) he is really good about not touching the hot stuff. He was standing on a stool when it started to tip and he grabbed for he griddle. I was right there and grabbed him but his fingers still touched the end of it leaving a white line along 3 of his fingers. He had to sit with me for well over an hour with his hand in a cup of water saying over and over... "Owie... Kiss... Owie... Kiss" It was pretty heartbreaking.

.Thinks it's funny to learn new animal sounds. Owl, turkey, penguin. 

.Is picky about what towel he uses everyday. And picks it himself. 

.Starting to love trains. 

.Loves his boots. 

.When throwing tantrums he just lays down. Anywhere. May times he is laying in the isle in the middle of the store. 

.We took his bed rail off and he hasn't had any problems so far. 

.Likes drinking out of water bottles. 

.Is starting to not want to wear diapers which is why I'm starting to introduce the potty. Against my will. 

.All the sudden afraid of the dark and fans. He will freaking out, out of no where and its because a fan is on. 

.He has been having more night terrors. Its the saddest and most frightening thing. He is out of control. Screaming, thrashing his body, eyes open... He is freakishly strong and Ryan and I both have a hard time controlling him. 
.Has to kiss me and Ryan first thing every morning.

.When Ryan leaves for work he gives me a kiss than Tracker and then Tracker immediately orders Ryan to "Kiss Ma" again and than give Tracker a kiss again and than Tracker has to kiss me. Its such a funny thing he does every single morning. Even when he is still half asleep.

.Hops when he walks down the hall. 

.Tries to skip. 

.Scared of monsters and knows what a monster is but I don't know how. 

.Is not a fan of scary things and will cover his eyes when we walk past any Halloween stuff. 

.Is more independent. Needs to get up and down from the table by himself. Help pick out clothes. Help cook and clean. He has to push the buttons for the washer and dryer. 

.Not good about trying new foods or eating anything but the small selection on his list. 
.I have started pureeing fruits and vegetables and adding them to just about anything I can in his meals. Carrots, cauliflower, zucchini are the easiest to hide.

.Would read books all day. So we try to do that. Although he is not nice to books and we are really working on that. We have lost several so far. 

. When he has a stinky diaper he will say "Ew Stinky Boot" but is trying to say "Ew stinky poo"
.Loves playing dress up.

. Is still very picky when eating. I can usually get him to 'Have 1 more bit' with most things but more often than not he will take a bite and than spit it out. That is one of those situations that my patience is really tested because it drives me nuts.

. We are working on being soft to toys, animals and kids. He doesn't mean to hurt or be rough but is.
. He loves to wrestle and won't stop when someone else says no. I am trying to figure out how to help him understand that when other kids say no it means no. He will listen to adults but not kids. 

. Loves to FaceTime our family.

. Slightly obsessed with his boots and hats and those are 2 things I let him pick everyday so his outfits can be interesting at times.

. Everyday when he first wakes up he says "Emma Sleeping? Day Day Sleeping? Ty Ty Sleeping? Daddy Wok!" He has to know where his favorite people are.

. Will wait at the door every day looking for Ryan. He can spot his truck all the way down the road and will start yelling. I have to hold the screen door shut until Ryan is in park because Tracker will not stop. I open the door and he literally jumps down the stairs and runs as fast as he can to Ryan. They come in the house and we have to have a family hug with the 3 of us. It happens everyday and if for some reason that is thrown off he will have a huge temper tantrum.
. Knows "Hobby Labby" and gets excited when I say we are going there. Even if he doesn't really enjoy it there I find it funny.

. Has been carrying his pumpkin around the house saying trick or treat and putting things in his bucket.

. Wears size 7 shoe, 2T pants and 2T or 3T shirts. Size 5 or 6 diaper and 4T pajamas.
. Loves to walk down the road to take packages to the post office and has been walking more than riding in the wagon lately.
. Is all about babies and taking care of them but is not interested in me holding or taking care of his babies. I will hold one and he will say "No Ma" and take the baby, pat its back, say "Shhh", then take it away from me. 
. Loves riding his bike and is getting better and better at it.
. Got Hungry Hungry Hippo for his birthday and loves to play that game.

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