Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bills Berry Farm


We have had the best time over this last year going to Bills Berry Farm in Grandview. We have done the summer and fall events and we hope to make it to their winter one this year. Tracker and I went to the Pumpkin/Apple festival last year but Ryan wasn't able to go so this year we made it happen. The 3 of us took off early to ensure we got there right when they opened. It was so much fun. Tracker ran around screaming for the cows across the street that kept mooing which was one of my most favorite parts. Every time we would hear a moo he would scream "MOOOOO" like they were chatting back and forth. We started out loaded up with mini pumpkins, pumpkin donuts, coffee the petting zoo. Tracker was not so interested in that area and stood against the fence saying 
"Hi pig- stay... Hi cow- stay... Hi goat- stay". He loves animals but from afar. 
We then took a hayride across the farm to make 3 gallons of apple cider, run through the corn maze and pick pumpkins. 
Going first thing in the morning was the best! There was people there but we had so much space to roam without feeling on top of everyone else. While going through the corn maze Tracker would run ahead then turn to me, wave his little hand for me to come and say "Come on mama, come on" and run ahead. I might have gotten a little emotional for some reason. Goodness this kid makes my whole heart happy. We let him pick whatever pumpkin he wanted without encouraging him one way or another. He walked down the walk way nearly to the other side of the patch and went straight to this pumpkin and said. "Dis punkin Ma". So that's what we got. 
We did a few other activities they had before heading home.
We had the best day.

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