Sunday, October 5, 2014

Utah Trip... Part 1

We left Washington on Thursday night heading to Utah. Tracker is such a trooper in the car. We try to leave in the early evening (5-6pm) so he has a good amount of wake time as well as sleep time. I had things for him to color, toys, books, games and snacks galore. We stop anytime he is absolutely done sitting but as long as we keep the activities consistent and moving he is happy. Having a DVD player is also our life saver. He loves watching a movie every so often. We pack his favorites since those are the only ones he will actually watch. (Mickey and Toy Story)
Ryan and I try to switch driving since its 10 hours. I am not a fan of driving in the night so I usually start and drive until dark and than Ryan takes over. 

First thing Friday after we got ready for the day was head to Kenzie's spot. That is our home. That is what me miss most and are always so anxious to get back there.
Tracker melts my heart every time since he goes right to sisters spot without us showing him and gives her loves and kisses. 
Ryan took off with his Dad to the cabin and Tracker and I hung out with Becky the rest of the day.
That evening we headed to Allies house were she was gracious enough to let us stay with her.

Derek, Allie, Emma and Brady are so sweet and just went with whatever I wanted. We hung at their house, the kids played and played, we did a little shopping at City Creek and visited the Disney store, went to Brady and Emmas soccer games, ate delicious food, watched the BYU game, and laughed for  hours. These are my people and I sure love them. I almost brought Emma back home with me because she took such good care of Tracker the entire time. She was the sweetest babysitter.

Sunday morning I headed to my little brothers to see their new house and visit for a bit. I wish I would have taken some pictures of my cute niece Bella. She is such a doll.
It was so nice to visit and catch up.

That afternoon my sweet friend Brigette and I caught up at the park and had lunch with our kids.
Her kids are the cutest, sweetest, little boys ever and her Tiara is so delicious. I want to take her home with me. Brigette is the best friend and defiantly understands so much of what we have been through in life as she lost one of her little boys Kael. We always have so much fun when we get together and this time was no different. Tracker loved Landon and followed him around. Land0n was the absolute sweetest about it and was so polite and helped him do everything.

Have to take every opportunity to stop by and see my girl. I miss her and this spot so much. I was able to lay by her and rest for a bit while Tracker napped in the truck.

We stopped by Grandma Phillis to give her some hugs and say hi. We got to see Becky, Brooke and the kids while we were there as well. Tracker loves Addi and wants to do everything she does. She is so funny with him and lets him do just about anything he wants. 

I headed up to my sister Alana's house for dinner and a game of baseball. Tyler, Ellie, Anna and Lucy adore Tracker and he feels the same about each of them. Ty Ty might be his favorite but only by a little. He loves his Ty Ty so much and asks for him DAILY so being able to actually be with him was nothing short of his dream come true. Jill and my Mom played with the kids and made sure to wear them out. I love sitting with my sisters and just talking and talking about anything and everything. 

Ryan ended the weekend with getting a deer! He sent me this picture and I nearly screamed. Who would have ever thought I would be so excited to get such a picture. He drew out on a limited entry Elk tag. One he has been putting in for for over 13 years. He was so excited to draw out on it so I was waiting by the edge of my seat everyday hoping he would get one. I was still pretty excited for this deer.. Meat in my freezer and antlers on my walls... but that just made the anticipation for his Elk that much more. He was pretty excited about this deer though.

Monday Alana took me all over to get a little shopping in and introduced me to my new obsession Fiiz! Oh heaven. I might have paid a visit there at least 4-5 more times during the rest of our vacation because I couldn't get enough. They have fun and different drinks that are divine.
Tracker continues to amaze me and goes with the flow most of the time. He was so good as we were running from place to place. After his cousins got home from school he was in heaven once again. Ellie took over for the rest of the evening which Tracker was totally fine with.

Monday night we had a fun date with Jill planned.
We dropped by TJ Maxx to try on some costumes, grabbed dinner and went bowling.
This was my first experience with Aunt Jill being the most important person in the world and I became chopped liver to Tracker. I know my sisters know the feeling with their kids. Aunt Jill is kind of the best. Tracker didn't want me helping him bowl- just Jill. 
and he loved every second of her helping him.
Tracker LOVED bowling. He got his own lane and bowled one ball after another. He bowled 3 games in the time it took us to bowl 1 game. After each time the ball made it down the lane he would turn around throwing his hands in the air saying "I did it!"

Tuesday was Trackers birthday which was such a fun and special day for him. You can see his birthday party in the previous post.
As for his birthDAY... he woke up and had pancakes. We had to get ready fairly quickly and start getting things ready for his big day. We ran to the store for some last minute things and headed to Aunt Jills. We went swimming since that's Trackers favorite thing ever. Had a little lunch and than he took a LONG nap while my Mom and I baked and decorated for his party. By the time he woke up it was close to his party time so he just hung out in the clubhouse watching mickey and eating Cheetos. That is until SARAH showed up. Then he was all about her and I didn't see much of him the rest of the night. He had the best birthday and was sooo tired by the time he went to bed. I think I sang Happy Birthday about a billion times that day and tried my best to keep him showered with hugs and kisses non stop. 

Wednesday we headed up to visit with Kenzie, bring more goodies for her and drink some coffee while just being there. Those moments there I never want to end. We headed to Thanksgiving point to meet with my Aunt Robin, Alana, Lisa, Ron, Sarah and my Mom for lunch. It was a great visit. I don't always get to see my Aunt when I come back to Utah so this was a wonderful treat being able to catch up on her family and how everyone is doing. After lunch my Mom and I did a little outlet mall shopping while Track napped in his stroller and than headed to the Museum of Curiosity with my Becky, Brooke, Addi and Easton. 
That was the first time we had ever been there and it was amazing. We had the best time. Tracker was in heaven at each area. I was thinking he might throw a fit when we had to leave one area to move onto the next but he was so happy to see what else they had to offer. He was so curious (okay that was cheesy) and wanted to try everything.

Of course my kid ends up naked in public places. We ended Wednesday having dinner together.
It was such a busy and fun day.

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brigette said...

It was so much fun seeing you guys! Landon still is talking about trackers party and the park :) fun buddies! Love you guys!


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