Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trackers 2nd Party.

 Trackers 1st Washington Party was amazing... It was a hard one to measure up to. We had planned a second party in Utah for family on Trackers actual birthday. It was suppose to be at my Moms house in her backyard but a few days before his party the weather was not looking good. It was suppose to storm all day. I was able to reserve the clubhouse at my sisters apartment so we made a few changes and decided to have it there instead. My Mum and I baked, cooked and decorated for a few hours before his party started. None of the decor came together like I had hoped. Maybe it was because it was already used and than stuffed in boxes and traveled across a few states. I don't know. The lighting was horrible so pictures didn't turn out... but it worked.
The people we love came. We had tons of food. Tons of candy. and Tracker had a ball.

The candy bar was full of all the same candy plus a few extra items. 
I don't know what I was thinking but even after 2 parties we walked away with SOO much candy. I think I ordered enough for thousands.

If you can't feel how exciting and fun and non stop this party was through these pictures... You are crazy. We did the Photo Booth again and also a pi├▒ata. The kids went crazy. Tracker sat under it and just laughed. He held like 2 things the entire time and was just laughing in the middle of everyone.
I couldn't stop laughing how funny he was. This little boy was showered with soooo much love and attention from every single person in that room the entire day. We even were surprised that my sister Lisa and her family made the trip from Idaho. I was shocked when they came through the door and nearly cried. I was so happy.

As things were winding down Tracker found himself his favorite treat and made himself comfortable in the corner. This kid. Its a good thing it was his birthday.

We shared a little of his birthday with sister by sending balloons. When we left the big #2 balloon go it kept flipping around and around. It would be a #2 then a #5. I thought it was kind of cool since Kenzie is 5 and Tracker is 2. Hopefully she thought that was pretty fun as well.

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