Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 14

December 9
91 days old
.Happy 3 months baby
.No sleep
.Went to bed the night before around 10 and slept until midnight and was then up
.He was so stuffed up and congested
.Couldn't lay him down or he would start choking
.Mum and T sat on the couch upright trying to get a little rest
.Dad took over around 6am (baby had still not slept)
.Throughout the day Mum and Dad took turns rocking, bouncing, sucking boogies, patting and snuggling Tracker.
.Lots of vicks used
.Humidifier going 24/7
.Steamy vicks baths and showers
.Washing and sterilizing everything

December 10
92 days old
.Still sick
.Hung at home
.Mom sick as well
.Sucked out baby's boogies almost constantly
.Was up every hour through the night

December 11
93 days old
.Track was exhausted he slept from 9:30-6:30
.Everyone was still sick
.Lucy hung out with us
.Played with toys

December 12
94 days old
.Still not feeling great
.Ran errands for Kenzie Day
.Hung out with Aunt Jill

December 13
95 days old
.Happy Kenzie Day
.Did random acts of kindness
.Delivered leggings
.Went out to lunch with Grandmas and Aunt Jill
.Dad was home all day
.Dropped off goodies to the homeless shelter
.Sent balloons
.Sent lanterns
.Went out to dinner with family
.Had dessert with the Andersons that night
.Didn't feel good most of the day and only wanted Mum
.There was NO sleep in our house that night

December 14
96 days old
.Horrible day in the world
.Watched the news a large part of the day learning about the devastation in CT
.Dad had the day off
.Dad got up with bebe to let Mum get some sleep
.Got out our Sophie Giraffe and Track loved it
.Holds and sucks on it all the time
.Went to Jesse's bday party
.Seems to be starting to feel better

December 15
97 days old
.Bebe woke up more congested than ever
.Stayed inside
.Snuggled all day
.Drooling like crazy so we pulled out the bibs to save him from being completely soaked
.Christmas dinner with the Andersons

So blessed to have him.


Leslie said...

Hey kenda, I noticed there is a mess up with how many days old tracker is. December 8th he is 90 days old then the next week he is 90 days old again.Lol I notice weird thing just thought I would Let you know since u probable want to keep track for later on.

Anonymous said...

This little guy never lets you get your beauty sleep, and never looks tired himself ! Wonder ?
Such a beautiful baby. I am so glad for you (not for the no sleep part though).
Enjoy, enjoy
Valérie (France)


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