Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 Month Favorites

JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me: We call this Trackers sleeping bag. It’s amazing especially since we live in a cold area. It fits into any car seat and is really easy to strap on and take off. Its super warm and keeps Tracker away from any wind, rain or snow. We don’t put any other blanket on top of him because this keeps him plenty warm. It has the flap that ill throw up over his head when we are running from car to store/home if it’s snowing or something and he stays warm and dry. We have put it in his stroller which works great as well. You can buy a separate one that is just for the stroller but this works for us to just switch it back and forth.

Bright Starts Take'n Shake Frog: I just stuck this on his car seat a month or so ago just to see what he would do. He loves having something to look at and in just the last couple weeks he is grabbing it and holding onto it. We got it as a gift for one of his baby showers and I love it. I don’t think this one in particular is anything special but any one of those cute little toys you can hang from their car seat.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: I love these bags. I have tried a couple others and for some reason just really like the quality of the lansinoh bags. I like how easy they are to write on, that they don’t leak and that I can pretty much throw one of these bad boys across the room full and it doesn’t bust open. (I am only speaking from experience once and that’s a story for another day)

Offspring Footie Jammies: These are the softest most comfy jammies Tracker owns. I love them. They are great quality. They don’t stretch out or fade after several washes. I got a few of these before he was born when they were on clearance at Nordstrom Rack only because I loved the stripes. I have since grown to love them more than any other piece of clothing he owns. They are a bit on the spendy side especially for something he wears to bed so I would watch for them on amazon or at Nordstrom Rack when they are on sale. They have the cutest prints but the stripes are my favorites. If you haven’t been able to tell I am obsessed with stripes.

Renew by Melaleuca: Okay this product is incredible. I had never heard of Melaleuca until my friend introduced me to it. Tracker has extremely sensitive and dry skin… Like his Mum. I have always had eczema since I was a baby and have used every lotion and cream out there. With his skin even more delicate than mine I was really cautious about what I used. I am all about the yummy smelling baby scented soaps and lotions but they are not very gentle so I didn’t use them with Tracker. He would break out in a rash every time. I have the Renew bath oil, bath wash and lotion. I use the oil in his bath 1-2 times a week. I use the wash every bath and the lotion after every bath and sometimes on our off day (no bath day). His skin has never looked better. Tracker also had a mild version of cradle cap, which wouldn’t go away until I got this stuff. It was like night and day. It’s completely gone. It smells amazing to. I have to get mine through my friend who is a member with Melaleuca so it’s not the easiest thing to purchase but it’s totally worth it!

Summer Infant's BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor: This my friends is the Rolls Royce of baby monitors... or all baby gear period. It’s amazing. We got a video monitor as a gift when we had Makenzie and I was sold. There was no turning back. We used it to its fullest for those few months she was home and then packed it away for the next bean. Tracker came and out came that other monitor. Unfortunately it sucked. I don’t know what the problem was but it could never pick up a signal and it kept freezing. After the 3 night of it freezing and not hearing my baby cry until he was in full panic mode, gasping for breath, bright red and puking because he was screaming so much I waited no longer and we were on a mission to get a new monitor. I read review after review and asked for opinions on facebook. I was fine to make this an investment because I wanted it to last and I needed something to ease my panicked mother mind. I was so worried all the time about if Tracker could breathe, if the blanket was covering him, if he rolled over and his face was smashed into his mattress... the list goes on.. so I needed something that was much clearer than the last monitor which was B&W and pretty much gave me a very blurry picture of my son if I could make it out and if it actually picked up a signal. Anyway long story short. We found this gem. I was super hesitant to get it because of its hefty price tag but after finding a screaming deal on amazon I scooped it up as fast as my little mouse would click. and I am amazed and in love with it. I can’t believe we lived without it. We have had it for 2 months now and it’s never let me down. It has amazing picture quality, never looses signal, hangs on the wall, lets me scan the entire room and has a talking feature where I can talk to Tracker if needed. I haven’t ever used this yet but I can see it will come in very handy when he gets a little older and he refuses naptime. 


Kerri said...

Love Renew! My husband works for Melaleuca. We love their products but especially the Renew lotion. Great stuff!!

Jena said...

I need that melaleuca lotion and other amazing-ness items! My daughter has eczema and I have tried EVERYTHING to help. Its becoming a bigger problem and the doctor wants to try a prescription next, i'd rather try one more thing. (am I a bad mom?) Where do I go to get some of that?


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