Thursday, January 5, 2012


This last weekend we had some surprise visitors. and I say surprise because we didn't know they were coming until just a couple days before they got here.  But oh what a welcome and lovely surprise.
My brother and his family that live in Washington came.
They went down to Vegas and stayed at our place on their way back home.
My sister in laws parents were here visiting from Korea so it was great to see them again.

D&T were still with us so we really had a FULL house.
6 adults and 6 kids.
In our little condo.
+ lots and lots of visitors stopping by to see the crew.
It was non stop from the second they walked in the door.

We did a little bit of playing:

A little bit of scowl making:

A little bit of OLD music playing:

A LOTA bit of picture taking:

A little bit of girl chatting:

A little bit of chalk board drawing:

A little more of that scowl making:

A little bit of cousin visiting:

A little bit of computer playing:

A little bit of long lost BFF hugging:

A little bit of magic happenings:

A little bit of uncle bonding:

A little bit of blanket stealing:

Not much sleep, Lots of noise, Lots of coffee, Lots of food, No room to walk, No room to sit...
Pure Happiness.
I simply adore my big brother and miss him terribly. 
and those girls. Steal my heart every time I lay eyes on them.


Robin said...

Looks like a great time! I hope there were many happy memories made! Gorgeous kids too! I LOVE the big group picture and I especially LOVE Harley!!! So cute! Take care of yourself! Praying for you and Ryan always!

Auntie EM said...

There is nothing like wonderful family friends and making memories. Looks like it was a wonderful surprise. I'm glad you got the visit, even if it was wall-to-wall people.

Holly said...

I have been reading your blog for sometime now, and I wanted to say that I am so HAPPY for you!! I was so excited to see that your pregnant. You are an amazing woman and I love all your honesty in your blogs.


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