Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kenzie Day 25

Kenzie Day #25 = Kangaroo Zoo
Oh the amount of smiles.
We had a blast. How could you not?! A room full of things to jump on. You can go nuts!
There were a few owies but nothing that wouldn't be fixed with another jump.
We had tons of pizza and an endless amount of treats.
Such a happy happy night.


I love that all Makenzie's cousins ask when the next Kenzie day is. I love that they cant wait to send another balloon off to her. I love that they ask about her. I love that they never forget her when they talk about their cousins. She is so much around. She will forever watch over each and everyone of them. I am so lucky that because of my daughter we get to have a day to celebrate her life every month. 

Oh Makenzie Rye I can only imagine the fun you had watching everyone. and I'm sure you got some extra laughs from watching me run around (and almost get stuck) on all that stuff. 
Ill admit got just a little child claustrophobic.


The Corner of Inn and Sane said...

I'm so very happy for you both and what the next 9 months...and years ahead...will bring. What a beautiful Kenzie Day.

Amanda said...

I sure hope you didn't overdo it bouncing and jumping... now that you're PREGGO! =) (I know you didn't, I just wanted to work in another pregnancy celebration!!!)

Chantel said...

We love Kangaroo Zoo. It's the funnest place!! Glad you had a good time.

Robin said...

Such little sweethearts you get to watch grow! What a great family you have! Your little one is going to have so many people to love him/her. Kenzie Day 25 looks like it was awesome. What a special way to honor Makenzie. She will always be remembered because of you and Ryan. Praying for you always!


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