Tuesday, January 17, 2012

another Q&A... plus my horrible- rotten- no good- very bad day.

I cried today, a couple times. Not full on giant tears with my mouth open cry or anything but the kind that you have to hold your head back so the tears can form bigger puddles in your eyes without dripping while you wave your hands back and forth trying to dry it all up. You know what I mean!
Anywho. Do you want to know why?
Several reasons.
8 reasons for my horrible. rotten. no good. very bad. day
#1. I hate running. and I am determined to stay active this pregnancy. and I MADE myself go running this morning.
#2. I made tuna fish for lunch (BTW I have been meaning to look up if I can eat tuna- anyone know?) anyway- I couldn't find a tupperware container so I put it in a glass bowl and put cling wrap over it. When I got to work- It had spilled out the side so I had to scrap my tuna off the side of a plastic bag in order to eat it.
#3. I found these walnut clusters in the back of the cupboard. Ryan made them for neighbor Christmas treats way back- mid December- they sounded sooo yummy so I grabbed them to eat at work. I waited all day to eat them so I had something to look forward to. I took one bit and almost puked. They were disgusting. Old. Gone bad. Horrible. I took 2 or 6 more bits hoping it would start to taste better but each bit was worse than the last. I finally threw the bag away.
#4. I found out some news today about some things. I want to be totally honest with my peeps on here but there are some people who I know read this blog so I don't want to say anything more than that.
KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES with the unknown right?! Okay ill will say... someone I know named their baby Makenzie. Obviously I love the name. but is it bad for me to think the name belongs to my Makenzie and only her?
(this is where you agree with me even though I'm being totally ridiculous because I'm pregnant and you ALWAYS agree with pregnant women)
#5. You know those HUGE decisions we are making in life. Well I am super nervous and I am just hoping we get the answers from God as to what is right for our little family. and as of today... God has not sent that text message letting me know what to do! seriously!
#6. I miss the mini. even though I just had her yesterday. she is not here today and I don't like it. She is my tea party guest.
#7. Ryan is snoozing instead of rubbing my feet or tickling my back. WHO DOES THAT?!
#8. I ordered some phone chargers about 5 months ago online. I never received them but I found a great deal on some others so I ordered more. I thought that order was lost and there was some conspiracy as to me not ever getting a phone charger so I went to the apple store and spent $40 on a new charger. Well I got home today and had 2 packages. that's right. BOTH orders for my super cheap-awesome steal- chargers came. SO now I have 8 BRAND NEW chargers. Guess I wont be needing any more for a long while. ps- if you need an iphone/ipod/ipad charger get it online. like on amazon. i paid $3 per charger and they seem to work great. and 3 of them are colored. purple. blue and yellow. hello awesome! ill keep you updated if they continue to work or if they die soon. but hey $3 isn't too bad.

so there you have it. I cried because of all 8 of those reasons. think the pregnancy hormones are kicking in? i think so. my oh my. but to be honest. in between tears. i really had a great day. i am lucky to have my job. my husband. my boss. my family and this wittle bebe growing in me. who's heart is going to start beating and pumping blood this week by the way! talk about amazing.

i also wanted to take this opportunity to do another Q&A... the last one was fun despite the not so nice comments but i promised i would do it again and i bet some of you have questions especially regarding this new little addition. so here is your chance. ask away! ask anything. i might not answer some things but i most likely will. lets face it. i might share too much sometimes. oh well.
so ill keep it open until FRIDAY JANUARY 20th. Ill answer them all either that night or early Saturday morning!


Berry Taufer said...

I can answer the tuna question because I CRAVED it during my last pregnancy!! Yes, tuna is fine along w/ any other sea food in moderation! :)
& about the name... I was super upset when one of my very close friends talked about naming her daughter the same thing when mine was just a year old & the only one I knew!! As irrational as it was, I wanted to tell her to get her own name!!
Can't wait for more updates & to find out everything you are keeping from your fans!! ;)

The Hickman Family said...

I had the same question about tuna, crab, and shrimp because I craved all of that in the beginning. My midwife said its actually recommended in moderate amounts (no more than 12 ozs a week), but the omega 3's are so good for baby! Its the big fish like shark etc that have too high of levels of mercury.
As far as the name thing I completely agree, but hey I'm pregnant & hormonal too so what do I know! lol

Jane said...

Hey, I have a question....What names have you and Ryan been considering for that new cutie pie?

Mandy said...

Awww, so sorry you had a bad day today! Hope that tomorrow is better for you! Those pregnancy hormones can get the best of you sometimes! ;) As for the tuna, I think it's something like you can have it a few times a week maybe? I know you have to be careful of not eating too much b/c of the mercury in it. And you are not being ridiculous about your friend naming their baby Makenzie. I totally don't blame you and you're entitled to feel that way girl! Here's to a better day for you tomorrow!

lovinglife said...

are you planning on doing genetic testing to see if this child is a carrier of smard?

kjanedesigns said...

Oh my! I only read your blog on occasion, and yet tonight I felt drawn to click on it...
I am SO happy to see you are expecting!! I first started reading when MRW was in the hospital... I think she would've made a wonderful big sister.
Congrats to you!! I'm so glad that God will be placing another baby in your arms.
Kendra C.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can have Tuna in moderation... just don't go having it every single day :)
As far as the name goes: if it's someone close, I think I would be upset too (even if it seems like I am overreacting)... if you're close to them, then they know how important and sacred that name is to you and shouldn't name their child that... just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly where you are in your pregnancy hormones kicking in. :-) My husband laughs at me because I cry at EVERYTHING right now, especially movies and even the news. Yes, I have become the world's biggest crybaby. Oh well.
As for the seafood, I believe tuna is ok, but deep sea fish is usually a no no. (Swordfish especially because deeper sea fish usually contain higher levels of mercury.) But you should check with your doctor to make sure!
My question for you is how are you wen pregnant? Do you have good health usually, or do you get really sick?
I am looking forward to seeing how this new little baby develops and arrives for you and Ryan!

Amy said...

Actually, I just had a baby last year and my doctor is now recommending that pregnant women stay away from Tuna altogether due to unknown Mercury content. Kendra, you went through so much to get here might as well be Completely safe and stay away from Tuna for 8 months.

caseyp said...

oh those prego tears!!! :) on the tuna issue. one can a week is what i was told due to mercury levels in it.. Also other seafoods in moderation.... I am soo over the moon excited for you... I will wanna come to see you one day lol Jk...

Anonymous said...

All perfectly good reasons for a cry. Every time I hear somebody named the same as my kids, I think to myself, what a b... cheek, I have sole ownership... Anf if it can make you feel better, I know only one Makenzie, she is your pretty angel !
A piece of advice (on a humorous tone) : stay away form cling film, it very often ends up with disaster... ;-) But keep on running, you want to be a superfit mommy ! And tuna is alright (well, I ate plenty and my kids now love it). Last but not least: always carry tissues with you ;-)
I am sooooo pleased there is (there are ) a little stranger(s) on his/her (their) way !
V. from Paris, France

Unknown said...

You really are keeping us on our toes! Can't wait to hear about all the important decisions you guys are making.
And I would TOTALLY feel upset hearing that a friend named their child the same name as a child I had lost. Very awkward situation.
Here's a Q: do you color your hair or highlight/lowlight? I am always so jealous of your pretty hair and I want to tell my stylist to do the same thing to mine! :D

Leslie Garbanati said...

Yeah for being pregnant and crying and running and all of the above! You deserve to feel and do whatever the heck you want! You ARE pregnant after all! Question...did you get my email? I ordered some Baby Legs and want to send them to you to donate to PCMC but don't know if you want me to send them to you (you are still doing your little project, right?), or if I should take the to the hospital and donate them in MRW's name.
Thanks....take care of your cute little self and that little muffin you are busy baking!

Emma said...

I had the same tuna question when I was pregnant and did lots of research and i'm happy to add like almost all of these comments it is fine. I was told no more than 3 cans a week, and even though I loved it I wasn't having that much anyway!
You can cry, over whatever you want, totally justified-hormones do crazy things to us!!
As for the name, I can understnad, that would be tough.I guess what's done is done and just think, your sweet Makenzie obviously touched their lives so much and made such an impression they couldnt think of anything better! :-)
Hope you have a great day today and the hormones throw you into an overly happy day!! Hugs, Em

HeatherD said...

Huge congratulations to you! I love following your blog. I have a question that I have been dying to ask. It's about SMARD. I don't remember for sure, but I thought you said that both you and your husband are carriers of the gene. What are the the chances of your baby having SMARD when you use donor sperm? Keep on blogging. I love it and am so happy for you guys.

Tristan said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Both my girls are September babies and it is a great month for a birthday but one long, hot summer for the pregnant mama! Good luck!

In regards to eating seafood or any other food for that matter that you are not sure about while pregnant my philosophy is "When in doubt, leave it OUT" of your diet that is. It's only for 9 months and you want to do everything possible to protect baby. I was always weary of tuna and never ate it.

I guess it's flattering your friend wants to name her baby Makenzie. It goes to show that your friend thinks you have good taste in picking names. At least you got to use it first! :)

Kristy said...

My questions are Did they have you take clomid or anything like that to increase your changes of getting pregnant and if so, What are the chance of having multiples? Also, I'm nervous to ask you this because I don't want to seem insensitive and I know you don't care if its a boy or a girl, but what are your thoughts on the subject. Do you think one or the other will make you miss Makenzie more? Sorry, I know you will always miss her, but I was just curious. I'm sure you've thought a lot about it. Again, I know you are not hoping for one in particular, I know you just want a healthy little one, but I was just thinking about how I might feel if I was in your shoes and wondered how you were feeling about it. I couldn't be more happy for you guys and I've said many prayers of thanks in your behalf. As for someone else naming their baby Makenzie, I would be very upset if it was someone I knew well.

Just Jamie said...

I have what might seem like an odd question and I hope it isn't rude, but what do you do with all of the stuff that you buy for Makenzie all the time? All the books and decorations and such. I think it is so beautiful that you continue to celebrate your daughter, but wondered about that.

So so happy for your great news. I was checking your blog several times a day for that post and as soon as I saw the smiley on the ovulation test I knew when I scrolled down it was going to be good news!!!

Also, since we can ask anything- I really really really want to know what the news is that you've been holding in!!!!!

Just Jamie said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I didn't eat any seafood (including tuna) during my pregnancy because of the Mercury.

Also for me no-no's were: unpasturized cheeses (feta, etc), sushi (I know someone who lost a baby at 19 weeks after consuming sushi), hot dogs, lunch meat, obvsl alcohol, pop/soda (caffiene) and absolutely NO meds... I mean I took nothing not a Tums or Tylenol or anything except my prenatal vitamin.

I am a worryer and I felt better being safe on everything than sorry... but I know some doctors give the OK on some of those things.

Sophie's Mom said...

Kendra: I have been following your blog for quite some time now. I don't have any questions just pure admiration for you. You are simply amazing! Believe it or not you have made me a better mother. I am a single mom to a 3 1/2 little girl. Because of you and other angel mommies, I am more patient, understanding, playful and loving towards my daughter. I appreciate every single moment with her.

I think of you and your princess Makenzie often.

I pray that have you a happy and healthy pregnancy. I was over the moon when I saw your post about the pregnancy! Congrats!!!

Once again, thank you for sharing your stories...

Kerri said...

If you end up having a girl, will you incorporate any part of Makenzie's name into this baby's name?

Tabitha said...

Hi Kendra!! Yes Tuna is fine. With my first child that is all I craved. I ate a can a day for a while. Of course it is normal for you to want the name Makenzie for only your beautiful angel. I am sorry you had such a rotten day. I hope your days start getting brighter..

Savanna Huff said...

Sooo happy for you, when I read you were pregnant me and my husband bawled our eyes out. We have been trying for almost 2 years now and i have been using chlomid for 2 months now. I have so much faith and reading your blog helps me sooo much. Also, I would be a little pissed if my friend named their child, my childs name without consulting me. My nephew was still born and when my other nephew was born she gave him his name for a middle name without asking and it really upset her.

Question: I know MRW is in Heaven because of SMARD, but will you take extra precaution against SIDS, like no bumpers or atleast breathable ones, Angel care monitor etc..
I hope I do not upset you from my question, it is not my intention.
Cant wait for the belly, nursery, etc pictures!
Love, Savanna Huff
Grayson Co. KY

PS. Im in LOVE with my cookbook!!!!

Marei said...

That sounds just one of my early pregnancy days :-D
I once started crying over ... wait for it --- Waka Waka (that Soccer World Cup song by Shakira). Yes, that's right, pregnancy hormones - no other way to explain it.

Ashli Mendon said...

My question for you(if it's not to late) are you going to find out the gender(s)? You going to still try and move? I am happy for you and Ryan!! Congrats!!!

Erin said...

I might be to late for questions but......where did you grow up and how did you and Ryan meet and get engaged?


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