Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Rocking EVE

Spent the night with family playing the kinect, eating tons of food, treats... treats and more treats, board games, card games, blowing horns, noise makers, music, food, dancing, whip out, fortunes, movies, light balloons, food, drinks, laughing, someone maybe wet their pants a little :)
oh what a night.

New Years Fortunes.
. You melt a little bit of lead .
. dump it in cold water for it to instantly cool and form .
. find the biggest piece of lead and hold it up with a flashlight .
. Try to figure out what it looks like .
. The group determines your fortune for the next year based on what your shape is .

Pepsi is my BFF. I am begging Ryan for one of her brother or sister this next year.
She likes to hang in my pocket!

. I got tons of these balloons with lights in them thinking it would be so much to send to Makenzie. Well we filled them with helium and they didn't rise off the ground. AH. Then I read the package and it says right there that they do not float. They are just fun to play with in the dark. So that's what we did .

There started to be a few to many melt downs nearing the 11:00pm hour so we pushed it to 11:20ish and gave in heading outside to start the sparklers and poppers. That lasted all of 5 minutes.

We loaded up and headed home, got home a few minutes before midnight so the 4 of us huddled together on the couch to watch the ball drop and scream at the stroke of MIDNIGHT.

... and what New Year would be complete without lots of kisses.


Alana said...

We had a blast with you! Thank you though for not posting any pics of us girls dancing, although it was the funnest thing, pictures I am sure would not be! Hahaha! Love you!

Auntie EM said...

Glad you had a fun time with your family. I hope and pray the new year is kind to you and Ryan and all my family. I have high hopes for 2012. Love you guys. :) Auntie M

Justin and Ashley Showalter said...

So sweet! I love the pic of you and Mini! :)

Rosalie said...

Sounds like you guys have some fun traditions! The lead thing was cool and that Raisin on fire thing in December was cool too!

Glad you had fun! Love the smiles on all the kids and you too!

Be safe! Have a GREAT new year!
Much love!

Angie Robison said...

Hi Kendra and Happy New Year. I ordered I think 5 of your cookbooks for 70.00 on October 4 through paypal. I haven't received those so I was wondering if you could check your records and see if you can see what happened to them. My email is My name is Angie Robison. Thank you


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