Thursday, September 22, 2011

This and That

So the last few days have been rather chaotic.
In a good way.
lots of working, lots of fixing, lots of praying, lots of talking, lots of meetings, lots of emails....

I want to first thank everyone for all your amazing support and advice.  It really means a lot and we have considered everyones perspective.  Sometimes you need to take yourself out of the situation and see it from the outside looking in to get every angle before making big decisions... so thank you for helping us with that.  We are leaning a little more toward one option and ill keep you updated through the process but we are not entirely convinced on anything quite yet so we still have a little ways to go.  

Now onto the next...

There is so much going on in every other aspect in our life as well...
Our house is falling apart :(
Okay so not really but doesn't it always happen that when one thing goes everything goes? 
We have like a million projects going on all at once. Our house is a disaster. I vacuum and dust everyday but dust and dirt still cover every square inch of everything.
Cant complain tooo much because its getting done and things will look so nice after.
But seriously... Bad timing. 
Lets just hope with all these changes it will help our house SELL!

So my amazing Mum has decided to host a HUGE yard sale this Saturday!!!
If any of you live in Utah you have to come. 
I am so excited although Ryan has instructed me I cant buy anything!
All money raised she is putting toward our baby fund. 
From the items I have seen collected so far. Its going to be great. She is also having a bake sale there. 
Its in Farmington on the corner of Lloyd Road and Main street right off US89.  In the parking lot across the street from Cherry Hill Water Park. 
THIS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24... 8:00 am  - 11:00 am
There is tons of furniture. Tons of clothes. Tons of toys. Tons of home decor....
There will even be a ton of brand new items still in their retail boxes.

The cookbook... Its amazing!
Can I not say THANK YOU enough. WOW... We have over 530 recipes!!!!
And they all look heavenly.  I have started editing each of them and my mouth waters consistently.  You are all amazing cooks.  I just wanted to remind you if you want to put your name with where your from please do so. If you have already submitted the recipe unfortunately you cant edit it.  So just send me an email and ill change it.  If you live in a different country-- please put the country you're from. I saw someone from Guatemala submitted some recipes! That is amazing! My goal is to have everything edited and ready for printing by October 8.  I will then get them printed and hope to have them ready to sell sometime between Mid- October and the Beginning of November... Depending how fast they get printed and sent our way.  I am not sure on the final price because it depends on the amount of recipes.  Ill let you know as soon as possible.  You will be able to order through paypal and ill either ship them to you, deliver them to you personally or you can pick it up. 
I'm sooo excited!
Thank you all sooooooo much again for all the support!

I have received quite a few emails about this and it makes me so happy :)
I just wanted to let you all know we ARE doing the baby leggings again this year.  Its very late in the year to be posting about this but If you are interested I am collecting legging to donate to Primary Children's Hospital on December 13th.  This year I am doing something a little different.  
I would love if you want to send me your leggings and ill take them to the children's hospital here in Salt Lake City Utah. But if you have a children's hospital near you and you would like to take some to them. PLEASE do.  I would love to spread this around as much as possible. Every kid needs a pair :)
I have a little story that goes with each pair of leggings and I would love if you donate it to a hospital near you to attach the story with the leggings.  If you email me ill send you the story to attach.  I would also love you to take pictures or write a quick note letting me you did this so I can properly thank you for spreading the leggings love!  Any leggings you send to me that will be donate on December 13th I need NO LATER than November 13th.  It takes time to prep each and every pair so I want to make sure I have enough time to get them all done and looking perfect :)

Thank you again for your prayers and support. 

I had to add one last thing so you have something to smile at.  
This girl makes me smile. 
Oh how I love her.
These are 2 different days and both times she was 100% responsible for the entire ensemble.  Even the clip on earrings. She did them herself. I was rather proud.


Kelli said...

You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for quite sometime now. You guys are always in my prayers. I hope everything works out for you. You guys deserve it!! I might have to come check out the garage sale. I grew up right by Cherry Hill and still live around that area!

Chris said...

Hi...the cookbook looks amazing!! Some really good recipes! I can't wait to see it finished!

Nicole said...

What is your email so that I can contact you for thr story to add to the leggings?

Jackie Koll said...

I just entered my recipes. If I remember, maybe I'll enter a few more. Your story has really touched my heart so how could I not help out?


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