Thursday, September 1, 2011

24 years old

1 - I have an unhealthy obsession with reality TV
2 - I am determined that by my next birthday I will have crossed off several things listed on my bucket list
3 - Recently I discovered Pinterest and I cant get off of it
4 - My favorite colors are green and purple
5 - I am dreaming about getting a new puppy that looks just like my puppy niece but know ill never get one.
6 - My least favorite chore is laundry. Its never ending.
7 - I have started making little crafts to sell online
8 - I have started a new job
9 - I am still deep cleaning my house. and I say still because I started on this project a couple weeks ago
10 - I have been brainstorming ideas on what to do for our 5 year anniversary in November
11 - I still buy Makenzies detergent and wash her blanket in it so I can still smell her
12 - We are trying to plan and save for a trip out of the country within the next 2 years
13 - I carry around a notebook to keep track of all my to do items. I never have everything checked off
14 - I love going to the movie theatre but rarely go since its so dang expensive
15 - I wish I could live in flip flops all year long
16 - Since I cant live in flip flops ill live in converse "chuckies" the rest of the time
17 - I love finding new recipes and crafts although for every 10 I collect Ill only do 1
18 - I love flowers and hate plants. I never can keep either alive but I don't feel guilty throwing away flowers
19 - I love spaghetti
20 - I am actually missing school right now. I hope I can start again in the Spring
21 - One of the main reasons I love having midget around is so I can read her bedtime stories- I miss that
22 - I got all of Makenzies baby things back from my moms house and going through it has been surreal. I cant believe how much I have forgotten. I cant believe how much stuff doesn't have "her" all over it. I cant believe I kept some of the things I did. I thank God I did- I found her belly button stump. Yes gross (Ryan even gagged on the phone when I told him) but its a physical thing of her.
23 - I'm excited for this cookbook. We have 40 recipes so far and they all look so yummy
24 - I have a strong love for caramel candies

I am 24!
I'm so old ;)
What a crazy 24 years.
I want to thank everyone that is apart of getting me to year 24. Seriously if I was you- I would have killed me by now. So thank you for keeping me alive.

I didn't want a party. I didn't want cake. I didn't want to have people over.
No one listened.
I have an amazing family who all decided that was unacceptable and it was necessary to have a little get together.  My mom planned activities... I love her... My sister made my most favorite cake - Root Beer Float Cake! Just about everyone made it.
It wasn't that I hate birthdays. I just wasn't in the "party" mood. I just wanted a relaxing evening with Ryan watching Jersey Shore.  I'm glad no one listened to me and had a completely different plan.

*my present from the sista. she knows me so well. to bad Harley popped it the next day while we weren't home*

*one of the games. you had to sit on the balloon to pop it and get the candy out. Harley took charge and popped them all*

*Harley then had fun jumping for the balloons. this is our usual entertainment when no one is around*

 It was a great birthday and I'm ready for year 24 to be a great one with many new opportunities.

PS. Ryan finally got me the gift I have been begging him to get me for years. A Kitchenaid. He is a keeper!


the Sorensen's said...

Happy Birthday! :) You deserve a celebration! I love your list - it makes me want to do it for my next one. What is your new job? Is it still with Amex?

Preston and Keri said...

Happy Birthday! Not sure where you are wanting to go "out of the country" but I just got back from Puerto Vallarta this week and it was VERY inexpensive for my husband and I!
It could be your out of the country trip AND something to do for your anniversary! =)
Feel free to email me and I could tell you more details. We have been to the Cancun area 7 times and this was our first time going to PV. Both are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from a complete and total stranger :) sounds like such a loving family... Thank you for sharing your special moments... Posting recipe tonight.

Alerie said...

Happy 24th Birthday!! I hope you are enjoying your new job. The more I learn about you the more I find that we are a lot alike. I love reality TV, my fav color is purple, I want a puppy (but my husband says no way we already have one), my least fav chore is laundry and spaghetti is my all time fav food. Anyway, I'm glad your family threw you a party, because you deserve it!! It looks like a lot of fun. I love the pics of Harley jumping for the balloon....she can really jump high. Also what is your pinterest username? I'm obsessed with Pinterest.

Helen said...

You have an amazing mother who knew exactly what you needed. Happy Birthday.


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