Wednesday, September 14, 2011


10 years.
What a day that was 10 years ago.
I can only imagine the lives of those families forever changed because of that day.
Whether they lost someone on 9/11/01 or if they have since lost someone because of that day.
I am humbled at the amount of strength and love from one person to another. When events like that happen, I am thankful for all those who rally around each other to help. We all want to help. In any way possible. We just want to do something. I wish I could have done something. I am thankful for everyone that did. For all of those amazing hero's who ran into that building to save another.
I am thankful for ever single one of our service men and women who risk their lives everyday.
Not only for what happened on 9/11 but for every major event our country has survived.
I am honored to be free.

We went by the Healing Field to see this.

It was quiet. It was peaceful. It took my breath away.
Each flag represents someone who lost their life on 9/11.
Seeing these wave in the wind.
I was speechless.
There was a story tied to every flag. I wish I could have read them all.
It was incredible.
I will forever remember how my life changed that day. 
To know the unthinkable can happen.
 To see what true heroism is. 
To understand what uniting as a country means.

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Anonymous said...

Me and the kids went to the Healing Field on 9/11. It was very blustery (windy) and cold but it was still amazing to see all the flags and read some of the cards. The new monument took my breath away. I feel the same - how could this have happened? So much has happened to our family in those 10 years, some good things, some very hard things, but life goes on and we do our best to live our lives the way we know we should so those who have gone before us will be proud. I have pictures of me, Grandma D and Grandpa Arvel at the flags about 7 years ago. I remember that day with fondness. I was glad Grandpa Arvel got to see them. I miss them so much but they are taking good care of your Kenzie. Miss her too. Love, Auntie M :)


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