Sunday, September 18, 2011

The State Fair

Last weekend we started out the day with a million things to do.
It wasn't even 9:00 am before Ryan said--- I want to see the goats. Maybe we should go to the fair.
Umm... Okay
We completed about half of what we needed to do and off to the fair we went.
The midget had fun on the few rides we let her ride.
We all had fun seeing the animals esp the horses.  Ryan and I desperately want to own a horse one day.
We each picked out our favorite fair treat.
We searched for a fun little toy for the little one but decided we would rather stop at the toy store on the way home... I know I'm a real party pooper- its all about the experience and I totally took that from her.
sorry girlie.
Maybe it was the 3-4 beers Ryan had throughout the evening but he couldn't resist pretending his lifelong dream of being a bull rider.  He jumped on that wild metal beast and held on for a full 8 seconds!
He was in the clear of any major injury until the very last second when the bull decided to make a quick whip and flipped him off end over end.  Somehow managing to smack him in the leg causing a massive, horrible bruise :(   poor boy.
Maybe someday he will make it in the big leagues.
We spent the majority of our night... with the goats... seriously.
I sure love my husband- even if he has a weird love for goats.
This is another animal added to our farm wish list we will one day have.
 I'm glad the little one was with us because after the goats, we would have been pretty bored. 
She kept us plenty entertained by being so excited for ever little thing that we saw.
Bright lights, Endless amounts of sugar, Animals + a 3 year old girl = a dream come true.

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