Friday, September 30, 2011


Its the final day to enter recipes for the cookbook...
If you need directions on how to enter them in go HERE.
We have so many recipes I cant stop smiling.
I am working on editing each and every one which I will have complete by October 8th.
Ill then get them ordered which means you can then order them!
If you want me to add where you are from and didn't already do so, please email me ASAP. I cant go back and change anything after October 8th.
Thank You so so so sooooo much for everyone of you that have added a recipe.
I owe you my life!
Love You!


Emma said...

I did add a couple, and will try to add a couple more tonight too, but didn't put where I was from as I entered them before you had that great idea!! If you can add Calgary for me that would be awesome, hugs, Em

Kami Satterlee said...

I added my sugar cookie recipe. Seriously is


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