Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Half way mark

I have made it half way to the end of this long ordeal. 
The ordeal of Ryan's yearly hunting vacation.
10 days is far to long for me.
I have been keeping busy at home and Ryan has been having a blast there.

What have I been up to?
Spending every second with this chick.

What have we been up to?

Park Play Dates

Girls Only Movie Nights

Babysitting my puppy niece

Trying to stay cool in this heat with Ice Cream messes

Attending luau themed dinners with family and ate the most amazing brownies.

More park visits

Celebrated a very special birthday! 
At Tepanyaki.
Fire... Noodles... Steak... what more could you ask for?
Happy Happy Birthday to the most amazing Mother of my husband. 

Bought new dressers and put them together all by ourselves. Who needs a man?

MORE park play dates... We love the park...
The next few pictures might look familiar. At least it does to me. Reminds me of what this park used to be.  I cant believe I haven't been back since those days. 

Swimming in the big pools and wadding in the mini pool.

Made lots of "silly food" that turned out to be a big hit and certain people ate every bite.

Tried to take naps in any possible place. Looks comfy right?!

Both the midget and I have sure missed our Ryan. (She calls him my "honey") 
We are trying to have fun and get some of the million things done on our to do list.
I have to admit its kind of nice to watch all my favorite shows. Do girlie things 24/7. Eat all our favorite things. Spread out in the bed. But I would give up everything to have that boy back. Half way done. He is having a great time and loving his man time so I wont complain, He absolutely deserves it.


Emma said...

You certainly are filling your time....and the girlie movies, snacks and silly food all look like so much fun!!
Glad you are halfway to having Ryan home but also glad he is having a great time-they certainly do deserve a break don't they?!
Hope the rest of the week flies by, hugs, Em

Alerie said...

You are so much fun!! I'm sure she loves spending time with you and she is such a cutie!!


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