Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip for Grandma - Her Day

Grandma's Day. The day we said our final goodbyes. It was an amazing service. 
The sun was shining. It was not hot. The flowers on the mountain were extremely bright and I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. A perfect back drop. Yellow.
All of her children and the oldest grandson said a little something about her.
They all had the most amazing stories and tributes to her.
Its amazing how much she is loved. It is amazing how much she has created. Because of her there are 90 direct decedents. 90. If it was not for those 2 crazy love birds falling in love, we would not be here.
The stories they told about how she cared for my Grandfather was incredible.
Grandpa had ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease.
It was interesting how similar that disease is to Makenzie's. I would talk to my Grandma on several occasions and we would discuss how Grandpa and Makenzie were ill. How their bodies failed them in such similar ways. She took care of him. Every single need, want, wish. She did it all. For 6 years. She was there from the beginning to the end. After he passed away she never wavered from him. She made it very clear that she was NOT single. She was married. She had a partner. She didn't need or want anyone else.
Some of the most amazing stories she would tell me were the ones where she would dream of her husband.  I am amazed how she could do that. He was always there. She would tell me how there were times she would start to wake from sleep when she could feel him holding her. Laying behind her with his arm around her body. She said she would quickly fall back asleep so he wouldn't go away.
The love they shared is the most pure love I have ever seen. 
After 30 years of him being gone, she would still talk about him like he never left.

She is so witty
She loves her family with all her heart
She adores her Grand kids
She is so dedicated to her faith
She always said she never wanted to be a bother
Until the day before she passed she was so worried she didn't look the very best
She always carried herself with such poise
I can only imagine the pure love and happiness she is experiencing every second right now

We went to a cute little Kafe after the service with everyone
It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by all these people that all came together for the same reason
the same person
one that we love unconditionally

We will think of you everyday. I pray I become half the person you are. Thank you for showing me what real love and commitment is like. Thank you for creating this. This big whole family.


brigette said...

It looks like it was beautiful! Your grandma seems so AMAZING!! I hope to make a differene in this world like she did! Much love Kendra!!

Emma said...

I can see where you get your strength and amazing character from, your Grandma seems just incredible. I am so glad the day went so well, that you were surrounded by those that loved her and were ablet o share in such an incredible life.
Good luck being back home, back in the swing of things and figuring out what YOU want...I know you can and will do it!!
Hugs, Em


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