Sunday, April 24, 2011

New/Old Easter Basket

i am into crafts. i wish i could say im good at it but... im really not. i really struggle. 
but i don't give up and ill try pretty much anything.
while we were in California i found this adorable easter basket. it was so cute and SOO Makenzie. it was a tutu basket. aside from the $50 price tag, i had no way of getting it home. 
so i decided ill make one myself.

-i used last years easter basket, minus the princess cloth inside-
-i used 2 spoils of toil that i already had bought a couple years back to make another tutu for kenzie-
-i used ribbon i got on sale from michaels-
it started out okay, then i realized how long this freaking thing would take. oh my.
seriously 4 hours during finals weeks, WTH was i thinking?
not the best timing to get going on this but i have to admit, it turned out perfect.
i am so happy and it was just what i wanted for her.

1 comment :

Alerie said...

Ok so I saw this post after I asked you if you made her basket. It is so cute!! Did you just glue the tulle to the outside or did you tie it on? It came out perfect, fit for a princess!!


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