Thursday, April 7, 2011

--> Washington <-- Part 4

Day 6

Our final day.
Woke up to this girl sitting next to our bed in this.
She dug out this (outside) swing and was sitting in it for who knows how long.
She is so funny.
We spent the day wrestling, running around, making dog piles, tickling, playing keep away with random objects, dressing the baby in random things, dancing funny.  Only a few tears when we fell.

We laughed a little.
or maybe so much and so hard our belly's hurt.
We had a wonderful getaway.
There was many tears when the goodbyes came and not only by me.
These girls are so fun and make us so happy.

The flights were really good except for the landing on the way home.
I made it to the bathroom before I tossed my cookies
(just thought you would like to know all the details)
we got home late
I'm not quickly trying to update the blog before I forget to many things all the while packing my bag again as I am heading out to California this afternoon.
I will be leaving Ryan behind to go to Grandmas funeral.
Can you believe I have NEVER left Ryan. He has left me several times. Hunting, Guy Trips, etc. 
Not me. I am always here- bare foot and in the kitchen :)
This time he is left to fend for himself.
I would be lieing if I said I didn't have anxiety.
I'm a bit freaked but it will only be 5 days and I hope to survive.

Ryan-- Treats are in the cupboard, your laundry is all done, I left a to-do list on the counter, Your parents will feed you Sunday and there are plenty of burritos and frozen pizzas to get you through the other days.  The toilet paper rolls are all full and you shouldn't need to find really anything. But I'm a phone call away if you need anything.
Ill miss you terribly and already counting the hours until I'm home. 
Enjoy the extra room on the bed but cuddle Harley for me. 
Love you to bits and pieces. 
UR Women--


Emma said...

What a great trip! Your neices look like such happy, fun-loving little girls, that is so awesome! I am glad you were able to enjoy your time with them.
My thoughts are with you and your family as you say goodbye to your Grandma. I hope the time is filled with lots of lvoe and peace. Hugs, Em

brigette said...

What a FUN trip! They are such cuties!! I hope California is going well. Much love as always!!


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