Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day 2011

Easter started with an ADULT Easter egg hunt put on by Ryans mom and auntie. We were tied together and forced to run around the yard to find candy and eggs with money on them! 
2 girls and 4 boys = i got hurt

Ryan didn't even care there was a wife wrapped around his leg. he ran around that yard tossing me around and stepping on me. my leg is cut and bruised. i shouldn't blame it all on Ryan. those other boys didn't care i was wrapped around his leg either. they tackled us to the ground, rolled all over us, stepped, stomped, smothered.
i free'd myself and let them go to town.
i think they walked away with like $6... seriously... over $6 all that took place!

oh and i guess a couple reeces pieces...

We had alot of fun. We got some yummy food and visited with some very special people.

Easter Morning... Woke up late-r
I got up to make my Monkey buns for breakfast and got our baskets put together. I was in charge of the usual... Ryan, Harley, Jill and Makenzie. Ryan only has to worry about me and somehow, he manages to forget, not really care, get something for himself every year. Easter is a little bit of a stress in this household. I am not sure why I care about the dumb Easter baskets. But. I do. Our first year of marriage, I got up all early, fixed breakfast, got his basket all ready and got him some really great things I knew he would love.  We get halfway through the morning and I realize he really really didn't get me anything. That was his first lesson on "you don't have to get me anything" but really you better get me something!
The next year was a bit better but mostly weird candy that I never eat. Last year was a bit better. And this year... We set budgets so naturally he went to MPS (those of you in SLC know what that place is, kinda like a damaged goods store) and picked me out a couple things. NOW. I would normally not care if he got me something from my own cupboard if i knew he put thought into it but he got me... 
3 things he actually wanted... The A Team, Pens and Peanut Butter Whoppers :)
Eh, that's okay, I still love my Ry Pie to pieces and thank him for every other thing he gets me on every other non holiday day. 

*Ryans Basket*

*Harleys Basket*

*Kendras Basket*

*Makenzie's Basket*

*our real Easter presents are...*

- my phone died and we figure we'd upgrade and go all out -

after basket fun
we then headed out to to breakfast with the Ryans Mama and Papa
came home to stuff over 300 Easter eggs
i looked over some math homework
we headed to My Mamas for dinner (I made a ham!)
then off to see Kenzie and have the best Easter hunt EVER!


Andrea said...

I am so glad that you had a great Easter! The baskets look great. I love Kenzie's basket! It looks amazing!

Alerie said...

That adult easter egg hunt looks so fun and not to mention hilarious!!


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