Wednesday, April 6, 2011

---> Washington<--- part 1

Remember way back in November... We were suppose to go to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with my Brother and his family.  We had the storm of the century and all roads were closed from here to there. Our trip was canceled literally minutes before we were suppose to leave. I was devastated. Ryan was devastated and 4 little girls were pretty upset. We have since been planning when we could escape and head there.  Timing wasn't the greatest with everything going on with my Grandma but we couldn't cancel on them again and knew this was a good excuse to get out of town and relax a bit.

Day 1
We took off Friday afternoon. Flight was good and we landed in the land of clouds and rain.
The drive to my brothers was VERY long. 
Something about the rain, rush hour, accidents... I dunno... Anyway it took a few hours to get there.
Walked in and couldn't put those girlies down.
Had an extremely delicious dinner.
Went to my new favorite store - Marshalls - 
(I guess another version of TJ Maxx. Ill be hitting that store up very soon)
We headed home to relax a bit before we hit the sack.

Day 2
Drive to Seattle
Only about an hour away from Lacey.
Walked around looking at all the cute shops. It was crazy busy. The market was amazing. I WISH the farmers market in SLC was more like that.  The freshness, the variety, the service.
We walked the peer.
Watched the service dog school on the street for a bit. Totally made me think of Milo.

After the meter ran out and we loaded up on yummy pho we headed to the space needle.
lines were fairly short. the ride up to the top was a bit fast and made me a bit queezy. there was several bathroom trips once we got to the top which meant i stood in line more than i was outside seeing the views. Grabbed an overpriced space needle souvenir cup of soda and headed back to earth.

We wondered the streets a bit more enjoying the entertainment and people. Jumped off rocks. Danced to the music. Soaked up the bit-o sun that was out and ran around until our legs hurt.

On our way home we stopped at the shore that's minutes from my brothers house.
This sold me on moving here someday. Well I would move anywhere I could run to the ocean.
We skipped rocks. We watched fish. Looked at boats.
I was seconds away from jumping in the water and doing laps but I held back because of the ubber chilly temps.

Great Day! Totally In love with my family and they are totally in love with RYAN. 
I'm there. They could take me or leave me. but. They adore Ryan.
He is pretty fun. silly. crazy. in love with them too, sooo
Ill deal and not be jealous---->


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Jessica and Reece said...

Oh my goodness, I love Seattle so much! We just went a few months ago with friends and had a blast. Glad you had such a fun getaway!


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