Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trip for Grandma - Day's 4 and 5

Our last day in California.
Flip Flops
Graumans Chinese Theatre
(unable to see due to the premier of RIO)
Kodak Theatre
Walk of Fame
Yummy Crepes
Sight Seeing
Seal Beach
Dinner with the little brother+wife
Ocean Waves
Sea Shells
Writing in the Sand
Achy legs
Ice Cream
Hot Tub
Soft Bed

(for those who really know me... you will know this dirty little secret... i have had a little obsession with the crazy olsen twins)

(These 2 love birds got engaged on this very beach last year... He wrote... SHE MARRIED ME... Precious :)

EARLY flight
No sleeping in
Arrived at the airport on time to a delayed plane
Got home later
Was in the very last seat of an extremely little plane
My head still hurts because of the strange noises it was making
Made it home
Had a wonderful trip with my family
First trip ever with my sisters
It was definitely one ill never forget and one I will treasure forever
Thankful for my husband for doing everything possible to make sure I was able to go
Thankful to be able to say goodbye to an amazing women who has played a huge role in who I am today
Miss all that love. All those amazing people who I think are pretty much the most amazing people ever
Missing the Beach
Someday ill trick Ryan into living close to one

Trips are over.
For a very long time.
Glad everything went smooth. Glad my boss has been so understanding. Glad I am home.

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