Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pretend parentals

what a week
 i am done with all my tests in my classes, the only thing left is finals
next week will just be nuts and then the next week ill be done
until the next semester
which starts only 2 weeks later
but that explains my lack for blogging, i have buried my face in books, been spending hours with my math tutor, studying, groups, study, video tutorials online. Ryan hasn't seen me.
i hope and pray and wish and dream ill pass each of my classes and just get past these dumb classes.

so this last weekend we kinda got a break
had a couple mini visitors
had a wonderful bff+kids dinner date at home Friday
played played played
then spent the next few days living it up
i did study.. but only when these kiddos were preoccupied with something else

the little miss kept asking to see makenzie. we indulged and took them. the weather was perfect so we stayed a while. these kids are so sweet. D definitely still remembers his "second favorite baby ever" and talks about her constantly.
-we brought her all the treats and gifts i brought back from California-

We took the kiddos all over town running errands so we had to give in to them and let them have some fun. We picked up some new books at B&N, grabbed ice cream, played at the arcade and ran through the fountain at the Gateway mall.

*D thought he was way to cool for the fountain but before we knew it, he wondered his way out there*

I love having a little girlie in my house. Every morning and usually a couple other times a day we would put her in the sink, in front of the mirror and play girl. Make up, hair, nails... The works.

and those boys got some serious male bonding time doing a lot of this...

oh how Ryan and I want to be parents again. We miss that little thing in the house. That perfect little being that we could love and nurture and hug and kiss and cater to every want and need. 
When we have these mini's around, we feel like we get a little of that back. The good the bad the ugly. 
The crying, whining, the yes and no's, the toys, the laundry, the food, the mess, the hugs and kisses.
They make us so happy. They help us remember we can do this again.
I wish we knew when. I wish we knew how. I wish That little girl up there would send us her brother or sister. I miss being a Mom. I miss every little thing. I miss sleepless nights. I miss holding her at 2am while looking out the window at the stars praying she would just go back to sleep. I miss worrying about running out of diapers. I miss worrying about breastfeeding in public. I wish I could worry about her growing up. What I wouldn't give to have that privilege again.
Its definitely a privilege.
and its a privilege when we get to spend time these these nuggets.

It will happen.
Makenzie will send he/she when she is ready to let them go. 
I know she is busy playing with them herself.

So weekend fun is done. At least for a couple weeks.


Ashley Sullenger said...

I really like your hair! I'm glad school is winding down for you. And it looks like those cute kids kept you busy!

The Hickman Family said...

I'm so glad you guys have little ones that come & stay with you & that you take full advantage of all the time with them! You two are amazing & so much fun! I just know your McKenzie will send another baby into your future because you so deserve to have that again!!!


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