Thursday, April 28, 2011

share some wisdom

So this is going to be a whole lota random randomness.  Seriously there is no rhyme or rhythm to what I'm about to talk about but who gives a hoot right?! So I had to document some serious business. Here are some facts about us, life, what I have discovered, learned.  Advice and last but not least.... A little giveaway!
Why do a giveaway?! Well because I am a little needy and would like to bring more people to my blog so I can make more friends and learn more about all of you.  So here we go in no particular order or organized system...

- Did you know and both sell most if not all of our everyday use products?! For great deals! My new favorite find-- make up.  I try to stay away from name brand things found in Sephora but I sure love them. And most things (eye shadow) stays on longer the more expensive they get.  So I was over the moon when I realized I can get some of my most favorite products for CHEAP! So maybe not everything is on sale and cheaper but they have pretty much everything. It just makes me happy to find a way to save a buck. AND the biggest reason ill be saving doing it that way- my eyes wont wonder to other non-essential things that end up in my basket.

- If you have a smart phone you should try this app that I found... its call FOODUCATE... I am just starting to use it (you know for our diet we are about to start) but you scan the barcode of your food item and it gives you information on it.  So I just scanned my Chobani Greek Yogurt in it and it came back with the following info...
Grade:  A-
Cal. per serving: 140
Like this: 98% of people
Alternative choices that would be better for you:
         - They give you 5 and one of them was Breyers Lowfat Yogurt, Red Raspberry, All Natural.

- If your clothes ever get that smell like you left them in the washer to long (which I do ALL the time) you can just run them through the wash again with about a cup of baking soda and the smell is GONE!

- If you are a runner, you probably already know this but if you are just starting out and want to start on this path. You should know your shoes should be at least a full size bigger than what you normally wear! I had no idea. I went to get my feet looked at to get myself a good pair of running shoes and they gave me a 9.5! I usually wear a 7.5 or 8! But because your feet sweat and move around they need room in there. (no wonder my toes would always cramp and fall asleep when I would run before)

- You should really try this. I learned it from the all mighty -  OPRAH - You should take time out of your day. EVERYDAY to sit in absolute silence.  No music, no running water, no TV, no talking, no nothing. If you add just 10-15 minutes of this to your everyday, I guarantee it will change your life. It will refresh you in a way you have never experienced before. It was a little weird at first for me but now I HAVE to have that. When I don't, I can see the effects the next day.

- Document your life. Every aspect of it. I promise you will actually see some amazing things when you do that.  I am starting this project. Ill keep you all posted... But I am going around and documenting my life with pictures. Everything from laundry, dishes, the dirtiness of my car, my morning routine, my un-made bed, the husband when he hasn't shaved his face in a while... The behind the scenes. I did this once before. LONG ago. Before I even got married. Before I even graduated high school. and its so fun to look back and see what my life consisted of then... Hi dirty room, 50 pairs of shoes, mervyns jeans, childhood stuffed animals, my favorite lotion, boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfrieeennnd, my 2 part time jobs, school. Its pretty hilarious but I love it.

- You should buy one of those things you hook on your purse that holds little bottles of hand sanitizer. I not only use that to keep my hands free from 99.9% of germs but if there is ever a moment I feel I could use a little freshen up, I rub that stuff on my arms and just lightly around my clothes and stuff. I know it sounds weird but it gives you a really clean/good smelling feeling!

- Ryan and I like to pretend we are adults but in reality we are not. Sometimes we like to eat Mac n Cheese, pizza pockets, string cheese and a glass of kool-aide while watching arthur. Seriously. Children are running loose in our house. Then Ryan farts on me and laughs while I cry and call my mom to tattle on him.

- When you are in an argument with your spouse, smile at them and say "You are so Hot".... Then sit there in silence. Seriously. Ends the argument. Ends the tension. You forget what the heck just happened. You both laugh and smile. No one wins. (okay so maybe you do a little but that's a secret)

- I'm sure I'm the last one on earth to discover but if you are like me and behind you should check it out.  I bought a pair of jeans from them. (free shipping) I tried them on and they were to big. So I went to return them. Well I totally forget everything and this was no exception. BUT luckily... You have a full YEAR- yes 365 days to return your purchase for a full refund. So after 3 months of that box sitting in my car, I finally dropped it off at the post office to get it sent back (again with free shipping). Whoohoo. Very excited.

Well I guess that's enough for now. Just wanted to share my wisdom.
And for what you are all waiting for... The giveaway.

Luv Mom Bundle Anti-Bacterial
Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel 5-Pack
from Bath and Body Works

What do you have to do?
Leave a comment!
Tell me some of your wisdom.
Ill be drawing a winner on Thursday May 5th!!!


Tisha and Mark said...

so pleased to be comment numero uno!! Glad you are asking for wisdom- two things I learned this week:
1) Magic eraser can pretty much get out anything. Including ink pen so lovingly drawn on a dresser, crib and toy box.
2) Oxy Clean is also an excellent cleaner. Removed ink pen from another "piece of art" on the chair in my toddlers room.
Thanks for your wisdom too :) Hope you are looking forward to spring as much as I am! :)

Heather said...

Honey lemonade is AMAZING when you have a cold, sore throat, cough or allergies. It is just warm water, honey and lemon juice to taste.

Also if you burn your hand while cooking (I always seem to do this) Put a little bit of a potato on it. as in peel a little off and put the inside part on the burn. I usually stick it on with a band aid and leave it.. it stops the pain and burning and I usually wont blister

Jackie Koll said...

No wonder my shoes are so bad when I workout. I'll have to remember that tip

The swiffer duster/vacuum is the best thing every invented. It sucks up all the dustbunnies and than swiffers up all the other stuff.

Turtle Wax on the shower walls (not the floor!) means you don't have to clean the walls very often.

Make the blue box Mac and Cheese with REAL butter (not margarine) - you'll never go back LOL

Thanks for this post - loved it!

debbie said...

Wow, I don't really have any wisdom to share! Maybe because it's bedtime and my brain isn't working. If I think of anything I'll let you know! You're the best, Kendra!

GINA. said...

I'm SOOO trying the laundry/baking soda trick next time. Sadly I get distracted and it happens way more often than it should!

Although - I might have to invest on some serious big boxes of baking soda!

If I think of any tips I'll be sure to post them!

Thanks for all those 'random' tips!!!

Courtney said...

I'll be trying the baking soda tip, happens at least once a week in our house. Now I need a tip on getting mold out of clothes!

My's my 5 year wedding anniversary and May 5th is my b-day!!! I've been stalking your blog for awhile. Your blog is one of the reasons I started blogging. To read more about me:

brigette said...

Kendra I love you!! You are so cute. I love your random tips!! As for mine hmmmmmmmmm.....

Running is much funner if you have a friend of music to listen to...

I also do the hand sanitzer things to freshen up!! Such a good idea! Hope your having a fabulous day!!

Merianne said...

Kendra..I love your blog...I run a daycare in my home and checking your blog at nap time I swear is a total sanity check for me...I really have no great tips other than with my job its just "Nod and smile" all these little munchkins trying to tell me stuff at the same time...its all I can do..Nod and Smile...

Unknown said...

Wow, I always go undetected, until now, first blog comment ever! I've been following your blog for so long I can't even remember. I really connected with your grief and loss, my hubby and I couldn't have kids. We were finally blessed with a baby girl that we adopted, so now I drive my hubby crazy with all the sanitizers from BBW, I love them! Diaper bag, backpack, each room in our place, lol, I'm nuts. My wisdom comes from something my mom said that actually stuck with me-honey, just smile and say thank you! It's gotten me out of quite a few scrapes! Another thing, online shopping, use I use it for everything except Amazon, I love being frugal!

Candace said...

Umm the best organizer/ planner EVER is Cozi. You can use it Online, on your computer, on your smart phone. It keeps track of everything! Love being organized ;)

Kaci said...

I've realized you should always take pictures of everything! Even the outside of the houses you live in. what your bathroom looks like etc. cause one day you will wish you had it, or be happy you did!

Something else I've decided I want to do, is start a notebook with all the compliments people give me. I've done with the blessings, but I feel that compliments will be very personal and something that I can look back when I'm having a bad day and think, "wow! maybe I have made a difference in somebody's life, or maybe people do like me!" Of course maybe theyre just being nice, but I want to do this!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra:

I LOVE your blog. I get so inspired by you and your strength and the grace with which you deal the short life of your daughter. You are amazing. You help me feel appreciate all of the good things in my life that I usually take for granted.

So here is my tip. Pee outside. It's liberating. (I don't mean in the front yard, go to the forest for crying out loud!)Actually I do pee in my front yard, but I don't have any close neighbors...seriously everyone should try it.

Thanks again for your wonderful blog.



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