Friday, April 1, 2011

Ryan and i are hours away from flight 1457
heading to Seattle Washington.
we have been planning this trip for months. going to visit brother + his goils
staying there for only 5 days.
flying back home
1 sleep
then on the plane again to Lompoc California
grandpa is buried there and grandma will soon be next to him
Ryan will not be going on that trip
ill miss him
but ill be with the rest of my family
i will be there 5 days.
ill try to keep updating.
i need to figure out how to do it on my phone.
maybe that's what my wait in the airport will consist of.
that and studying math and physics.
end of semester is nearing.
doing good in physics but math is eating me alive.
ill get it.
maybe in the next life.


crystal said...

I pray that you have a safe trip. Praying for your family and for you that the math just comes back to your mind and you do great on your test. I have always realized this, if you do your part in studying, pray and God will do the rest. What Math class ar you taking? I had to take 4 in college for my degree.

Alerie said...

Have a safe flight and enjoy your brother and his girls!! How fun for you!! I here Seattle is awesome!!

I will be thinking of your family while you are in California. Much love!!

Ashley Sullenger said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma! I hope all goes well in Cali. That will be nice to have some warm weather :) Enjoy your other trip, it would be so fun to be able to get away!

Alissa said...

I've been away for awhile...and didn't read about the loss of your grandma until today. I'm so sorry, Kendra. Hoping that the days ahead bring your some peace knowing that your grandparents are together again. I recently lost my "Grams" and the one thing that brought me comfort throughout it was knowing there were so many people up in Heaven that she missed and would now get to spend time with. It gave me a sense of peace and comfort knowing she was going to be loved and admired up there now. ((hugs))


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