Tuesday, April 5, 2011

last day here


that's all i have to day.  #3 was the nugget that was squashed between us in bed last night. i laid awake, happy i got to snuggle her. i think she got a bit uncomfortable but eh... she survived.
ill be missing them. they are always to far away.
maybe they can come live in our basement with brother retires from the military.
yeah this family I'm with. he is in the army. has been for 15 years. he is a lifer.
he married an amazing women whom he met while in Korea.
they had 4 midgets.
they have lived the globe and with only a few years left before retirement--- we are anxious to see where he might end up next. that's always a vacation.
today we are off to the zoo and aquarium.
50% chance of rain.
crossing fingers that it doesn't. I'm wearing my chucks and they are NOT rain proof.
we had a dance party in the bathroom this morning.
katy perry was blasting as loud as my phone volume would go.
it ended up being more of me dancing and the girls looking on in horror.
eh well.


Linda said...

We are old friends of the Haacke Family. We have sweet memories of Bro and Sis Haacke. I have been looking for Diane. Please have her contact Linda Covey: dandlcovey@cox.net.

Our prayers to your family.
Linda and Dick Covey

Alerie said...

Looks like your trip to see your brother's family was a blast!! I'm glad you guys were able to take some time out and relax and enjoy the people you love. Have a safe trip to California. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!!


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