Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kenzie Day #16

Kenzie Day #16 = Easter Fun

I went a little nuts on the decor. It would be different if it was decor for our regular Easter as well but nope... it was just for Kenzie Day #16.  It sure was fun to try and be a bit crafty and make my little husband be a bit crafty as well. Against his will but he did it and did great!
-beaded eggs-
-silhouette banner-
-rice crispy balls filled with jelly beans-
-tootsie roll tree-
-paper mache eggs-
-swirl cupcakes-
-then the decorating-

We made Jelly Bean Necklaces
Peep Pops
and decorated Chicks and Eggs.

I got these bubbles that are extra thick and you can hold them in your hand after you catch them. They were pretty cool but ill tell you right now, not for inside. The bubbles are like glue.
But we had fun finding them on everyone long after we blew them all around.

and of course her balloons filled with kisses...

Barbies are always pulled out and the most favorite. 
The girls twirled in their skirts.
They ran from one side of the house to the other.
Ate lots of jelly beans.
Said funny stories.
and we all laughed at these kiddos who are all getting so big way to fast.

We watched Makenizes movie before the party. Just Ryan and I.
Its been a while since we both cried like that.
we are missing that girl.
We watched it again with all the party gang there.
They thought it was fun when a picture of Makenzie and them popped up.

Kenzie Rye. 
I miss you so very much love. I think about you every second and cant tell you how much I completely adore you. I miss watching you blink. I miss hearing you breathe. I miss being your mama. I know you had a very big purpose here on this earth and I know you competed it very early. I shouldn't be so upset. I shouldn't be so sad you are where you are. You are in such a wonderful place. You are happy and you are being given more love, attention and freedom than I could have ever given you. But that doesn't stop this constant ache. This aching for you. Wanting you. How could I not. You are so damn perfect. Who wouldn't want you in their life for forever- right now?! I hope you know how much you are loved. Not only by your Daddy and I, but by everyone else around. Your strength- Your bravery- Your heart... Not many have that.  Thank you my love, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your mother. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for helping me down this new path. I know you are the reason I am here. You are the reason I have changed. You have made me a different person and I pray its a better person.  You have given me a different outlook on this world. You have given me a new life. I thank you for that. For everything you gave me while you were here and for everything you continue to give me while you are in heaven.  Sweet girl- You are every bit of good in my life. You are my reason. Always have and forever will be. My reason to be better. So I can hold you again. 
Ill be sending you a million kisses. Ill reach my arms out and pretend I'm holding you.
I love you to the moon.
Love Momi


crystal said...

Wished we lived closer so that would could have attended Kenzie's special day. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I know Kenzie was there with you today bc she wouldn't miss her special day for anything!!! I know that the pain hurts so bad and its a pain that will never go away because she has a piece of your heart that was broken into pieces. I wished I could tell you that you get over it but you don't. I am praying for you!!! I hope you and Ryan have a great Easter!!! Oh and tell Ryan that he is very creative and your pictures are great!!!

Alerie said...

You did such a good job with her day!! It looked like a lot of fun and your decorations were awesome!! You and Ryan are amazing parents!!

Chels said...


You are amazing and I think your true calling is a party planner:) You ROCK!!!

Love, Chels

Gaspegirl said...

What a great day... and awesome decorations my girl! I think of you often, sending prayers regularly and hoping that you are healing. (((hugs))) to you


Emma said...

What a party!! Have you ever considered starting your own business planning parties for kids-you sure do an incredible job and there are a lot of 'us' out here that could use some help!!

I am thinking of you always and sending my love to you, Ryan and Kenzie. I know she is so proud to have you for a Mom and is so proud of all you do and who you are!
Hugs, Em

brigette said...

Holy smokes!! You are so creative. You are such an amazing mom and lady!! Always thinking of you, ryan and Kenzie. Love ya girl!

ML said...

Wow! I love all the beautiful things you made. The beaded eggs are so cute! I'm going to have to try that. I have a million beads from endless jewelry projects in the past. You are so talented.

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

Oh my! how adorable! You guys did a amazing job! So creative!!

Amie said...

WOW! You and Ryan are amazing parents! You have such a natural way of putting together great events whether it is for Kenzie Days, family or large events in honor of Kenzie. You have a natural gift!!! Looks like everyone had a great time. By the way...where did you get that "magnetic family wall hanging"? Love love love it!


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