Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Hunt 2011

Happy Easter Makenzie Rye
Decorated everything all up

All the kiddos came and we had our 2nd Easter Egg hunt with Kenzie. This year we had over 300 eggs.
Seriously the lawn was covered in eggs!

They were all very excited to get out there and grab as much candy and money as they could.
There was 1 egg with $5 in it!

okay so maybe 1 mini wasn't so very happy...

ready... set... go...
It lasted at least 15-20 minutes!

They had a great time searching through every last egg they found right there. Traded candy, toys, and Tyler was the $5 winner!  We rounded up the balloons and sent them off with a big Happy Easter!

This is the second Easter we have now lived through without Makenzie. Last year I had a really hard time. This year. It was off and on. I think the pressures of everything else in our everyday has more to do with it than it just being Easter. The stresses of expanding our family. The wanting the waiting the wondering. The choices and mistakes. The questions and the planning.
It was suppose to be easy... We have a child. Love her. Raise her. Celebrate Easter with her. 
Life is not that way. I have come to accept that, I have come to even find good in it. But those yucky days still come far to often. I love watching our nieces and nephews run around but it just reminds me how much they are growing and how Makenzie isn't growing with them. 
I don't want her forgotten. I don't want them to not remember her. I don't want them to miss out experiencing life with her to.
I have to say. One of the best things ever-- is when all those little kids get ready to send balloons to their cousin.  There are no whines or crys to keep theirs. They are all so excited to get the very best one so they can make sure she gets the best one from them. They are all so happy and squeal when they are floating up to heaven. The happiness I see in them during those moments takes so much of the pain away.
Happy Easter Kenzie. Give Jesus tons of hugs and kisses and Thank him for all he did to make it possible for me to be with you again. Make sure you are all having a wonderful celebration and hosting the biggest Easter hunt ever known to exist.
I love you to pieces. More than all the eggs in the world!


Alerie said...

Happy Easter!! I thought about you guys today. I love how you decorated her grave. You always do such a good job with that. I know it makes her feel so loved and special. I love her basket, it is SO cute....did you make it? And are those cupcake "muffin" eggs? That is so cool!! AND Fancy Nancy is the best!!

It looks like the Easter egg hunt was awesome!! 300 eggs!! That is a ton!! So much fun for the little ones!! I am sure Makenzie got all those beautiful balloons!! I love that you guys send her those!!

I pray for you guys all the time. I hope that the answers you are looking for come to you. Much love!!

Emma said...

What a great day, you are such an amazing planner!! I know Kenzie was there running around with all her cousins having a fantastic time! Thinking of you always, love and hugs, Em

Barrett, Melinda, Angel Trinity, and Baby Zander said...

what a beautiful and great idea to celebrate easter with your precious Kenzie!!! I love the easter egg hunt idea! I just might have to copy that idea next year! HAPPY EASTER!!!

brigette said...

So fun!! You are amazing parents!! Her grave looks AMAZING as usual!! Much love always Kendra :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting on my blog....I appreciate that she is still thought of even though its been over 2 years. I love your blog..its gorgeous...I don't have a talent for that at all! I think that was a great idea to celebrate Easter at the cemetery and I really think I might adopt that tradition next year if we are snow free.

Tracy said...

That last picture is so special! She will never be forgotten, you do such an AWESOME job with keeping her alive! Thank you to Jesus for his sacrifice, that you will be able to be reunited with your sweet girl and that we will all be able to live for eternity with the ones we love!


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